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It used to be that technology was solely relagated for the geeks (no offense, being a geek is also very hipster now :P). Not anymore. In the past few years, fashion and gadgets have married seamlessly into one shiny, irresistible package. At the forefront of this union are these super cool gadgets from Thinkscape Co. that were introduced to us in a "secret bar" (somewhere in Makati) that was as equally cool. Read on to find out...

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First up, my favorite and the one I think I need the most....Cookoo Watches!

Cookoo Watches aren't your ordinary everyday watch. They're smart watches that connect to your iPhones/Androids/iTouch/iPads via bluetooth and send you alerts so you never miss an important meeting again. Perfect for people like me with "10 second" memory.

Aside from that, Cookoo Watches also boast of these nifty features:
  1. a camera trigger for taking group photos from a distance.
  2. a remote control for music applications
  3. Different icons on the watch face notify the user of the status’ like: incoming calls, missed calls, email, facebook and twitter notifications, calendar reminders, low batt, alarm clock
  4. an alarm activated by the watch to detect a misplaced device
  5. tag locations on the Cookoo App's map via drop pin.
cookoo watch philippines
cookoo watch philippines
They're also super stylish too. Love this black on black design:

cookoo watch philippines
Next up, something for the bikers and outdoor loving set. 

Solar powered chargers and LED lights by SOLIO. 

Unlike its competitors in the market, SOLIO is the only brand approved by Apple Cupertino to be deemed safe to use on all their products. A single charge of the SOLIO Classic has the capability to charge your phone 3 times over. They can also by used on any USB powered device.
solio philippines
solio philippines
Thinkscape Co also distributes these "blogger essential" juice packs by Phonesuit and Lenmar.
We're always instagramming and on 3G or LTE. One charge is never enough for us to last an entire day especially when it's packed with events so most of us already have these or are meaning to get one, they're really useful especially for emergency situations like getting stuck in a flood and going low batt (hello, personal experience. sucks its such a common occurence nowadays...)
Something for the budding photographers are these Smartphone lenses by LocoFoto which tranform your phone into a mini DSLR. They come in fisheye and macro varieties and are easily attached via magnet!
locofoto philippines
And last but defnitely not the least, Pursecase!

pursecase philippines
Pursecase doesn't just protect your phone, it can also hold small keys, cash and credit cards. It even has a compact mirror! Perfect for the kikay techie. 

Thinkscape Co. is a partner of leading retailers of fashion and technology – Power Mac Center, Switch, iStudio, A.Shop, Gadgets in Style, iGig, Henry’s Professional,, and

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