crazy cheap wide leg pants

Several months ago when I was at Powerplant Mall for an event, I passed by Zara and saw their manequin wearing a gorgeous pair of wide leg pants. I was already running late so I didn't have the time to drop in and get them. By the time my event was done, the mall was already closed and then my schedule got crazy hectic. 

Long story short, I never was able to get them nor a replacement. I have been scouring shop after shop to no avail until tonight and guess what, they're cheap too. You wouldn't guess how much this pair of wide leg pants from Jeanology at Ultimate Outlet costs...are you ready??? $5! Yes, $5 (P214) only!!!

 I couldn't believe my eyes at first but yes, just $5!!!

And it turns there are many, many other gorgeous pieces that your $5 can purchase at Ultimate Outlet like this svelte, bust enhancing maillot. Crazy, right? If you can spare a little more cash, this chic color block blazer could be yours for just $10 (from $169)!!!

and ps. Im only sharing this with you because my orders are already safely placed :P

you can check them out here: wide leg pants, blazer, maillot

Enjoy, Thank me later! :P xoxo