james yap, neil etheridge and michelle gumabao for toby's sports: it starts here

Growing up...whenever you needed to buy something for P.E. or a summer athletic class (milo best anyone? :P), what's the first store you visit? Toby's, right? 

To this day, it is our go to store for anything and everything sports related and judging from how big they've gotten through the years from a humble little toy store in Greenhills, I'm sure that millions of others see Toby's Sports as their main destination for sports gear as well.

Kinda makes you wonder which popular athletes today bought their first life-changing ball or racket as a child at Toby's as well. I mean, everything great has to start somewhere right and it almost always starts small.

tobys sports it starts here
And is it with that same philosophy that Toby's Sports has decided to dedicate its latest campaign to.

Celebrating 35 years in the business, Toby's Sports launched a brand spanking new logo, store design and campaign aptly called "It Starts Here" at  an event held at the SMX Hall of SM Aura yesterday:

smart gilas theme song by quest
toby's sports new logo
toby claudio toby's sports
"It Starts Here" is Toby's way of encouraging and supporting people live their best through sports and a healthy lifestyle. Start small and end strong.

chris ellis pba
With hard work, discipline, determination and the right tools nothing is impossible to achieve. No barrier or bridge is too high or too long to cross when you have the right mindset and passion to back it up.

Toby's found these distinct characteristics in 3 of today's most succesful athletes: Neil Etheridge, James Yap and Michele Gumabao which is why they were chosen to represent the brand and become the newest set of brand ambassadors for Tobys Sports.

neil etheridge toby's sports endorser
With numerous achievements under their belt at such a young age, I believe that these 3 athletes have the power and charisma to inspire our youth to aspire to great levels in their chosen areas of sport as well. (James Yap has certainly inspired me to play ball again on Sundays for fun:P)

james yap, michelle gumabao toby's sports endorser
That being said, let Toby's Sports be your first stop on your journey to greatness (or fitness...whatever floats your boat. :P)

It's time to get off your ass and feel great about yourself again. 

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