ola, it's OK to repeat

I have been doing this style blogging thing for about 3-4 years now and the only way I survived is by rotating pieces from my wardrobe and trying to think up different ways to style them.

If not for that, this would be a very expensive hobby. Imagine having to purchase new things almost everyday?  It might sound ridiculous to you but I know some who stick to this philosophy. Unless you have the money for it, you'll probably end up with cheap, disposable clothing. Although cool for uber trendy pieces, I still don't find it very practical but there are exceptions sometimes...I love scoring bargain items from the flea market.

Anyway, my point is, only buy clothes that you love, are easy/confortable to wear, and inspire you. :)

stradivarius philippines lace up sandals
stradivarius philippines
trilogy boutique
obey snapback from trilogy boutique | romwe origami skorts (on sale now, P870, see HERE) | zara philippines striped shirt | stradivarius philippines lace up nude sandals

photos by Paul



Vergielyn Mullero said…
Its really ok to repeat, atleast you don't force yourself to buy new pieces everyday for the sake of blogging (though I know you can afford). It's just about how you style them and put together wearable outfit inspiration for us your readers.
Chyrel Gomez said…
It's so OKAY to do outfit repeats! I do that all the time!! LOL! You're looking great, as always! :)
Candz said…
Hi sarah, when you order from Romwe is it shipped directly through your shipping address or does itdgo to the postal office for customs taxes since they offer free shipping?
sarahtirona said…
thanks! you're looking totally looking awesome yourself, the athlete peg looks good on you! :)
sarahtirona said…
Hi Candz! I always get free shipping so I pick up my stuff at the post office. I always pay P50 per parcel. You can opt for express shipping if you want it delivered straight to your house but I've never tried that myself. :)
krissy said…
I want your sandals!!! Sell to me when you don't want them anymore? Hihihi :)