return of the 'roos

There are days when I prefer to let go and just keep things simple.

I could've chosen to add a few accessories here and there but I didn't, except for a solitary silverspoon thumb ring.

Just like in life, I think it is important to embrace simplicity once in awhile. The charm of a clean palette in conservative block colors.

AND I'm lazy. hahahaha.

BUT SERIOUSLY...I wanted to concentrate the focus on these new favorite sneakers of mine from 'Roos.

Kangaroos are one of those iconic brands from the past that seem to have been forgotten lately. Personally, when it comes to screaming labels, I prefer brands that are less mainstream (hipster alert?:P) AND I am a sucker for anything vintage pop culture so these were a no-brainer for me. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to pick them up. The "secret zippered stash pocket" had me at hello plus they were on sale at Toby's Sports for just P947. How could I resist???

zara philippines white shoulder bag street style 
kangaroos sneakers street style
topshop philippines fashion blogger
tobys sports kangaroos sneakers street style
zara philippines white shoulder bag street style
kangaroos sneakers street style
tobys sports kangaroos sneakers
photos by Tin Iglesias

topshop philippines hi lo tank top | bottomline leather shorts | bcbg hoodie | nick automatic sunglasses | zara philippines white shoulder bag | kangaroos sneakers from toby's sports

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dianne said…
name: dianne david
twitter: @zove26
instagrm: zove26
dianne said…
name: dianne david
instagrm: zove26
twitter: @zove26
Maricor Letada said…
Name: Maria Corazon Letada


Twitter: @coraletada
Ana Razon said…
Anna Liza Razon
Twitter: @Ana Razon
IG: @analiezell
Nannette Magaway said…
Nannette Magaway
Rinny said…
Quick and easy outfit, perfect for the weekend :) Those sneakers look pretty cool - and they have a secret stash pocket? Even cooler :)
astrid amboy said…
Name: Marie Astrid Amboy
Twitter: asterrified
Instagram: chemastrid
sarahtirona said…
yup, nothing beats a secret stash pocket! hahaha :) thanks for dropping by!
Chyrel Gomez said…
You're getting hotter, babe. And I mean that. :)