talia castellano's charity sale

Morning guys, do you remember Talia Joy Castellano? 

She was the young internet celebrity/beauty and fashion vlogger + honorary CoverGirl who gained her fame by being upbeat and optimistic despite being diagnosed with neuroblastoma (cancer) at such a young age.

She was a true source of inspiration for millions of people.

Sadly, Talia succumbed to her disease last July 16, 2013.

On July 17, her older sister uploaded a video of herself on Talia's YoutTube account encouraging her fans to carry on her legacy by completing Talia's bucket list.

Among her many wishes was to have her own clothing line.

Just like most of us bloggers, Talia contacted Romwe in the hopes of a collaboration however, by the time the first samples were done, Talia was already too sick to enjoy them.

Talia's story is one of courage and heartbreak. Let's keep her spirit alive by supporting her leggings collaboration with ROMWE. For every pair of leggings sold, Romwe will donate $5 to her favorite charity, the BASE CAMP Children's Cancer Foundation.

Talia may be gone but there are a lot of children out there who could still use our support.

To check out Talia's designs for Romwe, click these links:  Lip-print Black-white LeggingsColorful Lip-print White LeggingsLipstick Print White Leggings

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