vania romoff for ensembles - holiday 2013

I love Vania Romoff. 

There have been so many emerging designers these past few years but I think she is one of the few who is really deserving of the title.  She manages to seamlessly incorporate classic, young and modern in her designs. The result is beautifully sophisticated but not hoity toity. Old money, educated and well travelled.

Most of her designs are inspired from vintage Romoff pieces by her grandmother in the 60s and this is probably another reason why I find it hard to resist her designs. There is just something about that decade that I feel a very close affinity to.

For more about Vania Romoff, you can check out my post about her last year HERE.

For now, let us rejoice for her collaboration with Ensembles this Holiday 2013. Check out some these to die for pieces:

vania romoff for ensembles holiday 2013
As you can probably tell, out of all of Ensembles young designer collaborations, this is by far my most favorite and I plan to hoard as many pieces as I can :P

For more information, please log on to or visit their Facebook page You may also follow them on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.