victorinox klasse card launch

I have always associated Victorinox with fine craftsmanship and dependability. Something that will last a lifetime and not conk out on you when you most need it.

All the influential men in my life that I have respected growing up own a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and it has become my gauge for measuring a real man.

Several nights ago, I attended the launch of Victorinox's Klasse Card at the Oz Bar of Holiday Inn Makati. The Klasse Card is a loyalty card that entitles its members to receive various perks and privileges. Among these perks are (1) an invitation to private selling events and exclusive Victorinox events such as product launches and parties, (2) a 20 percent discount on one’s birthday month, (3) quarterly privileges with partner establishments, and (4) promotions exclusive to the card holder. 

And rightfully so, it's first honorary member was Swiss Ambassador, Ivo Sieber who was not only there to receive his card but to share stories of the many similarities between Swiss and Filipino culture as well.

Mr. Ivo Seiber was only one of the many influential people attending the exclusive event. There were celebrities and corporate big-wigs all seated together to enjoy the show that Victorinox prepared for us. I was suprised to see the very fashionable line up of clothes that were modelled that night. It was something I wasn't aware of it til then. Very very nice indeed.

After the show and a toast by Primer Group of Companies’ AVP, Darwin Banez, a raffled was held where guests had the chance of winning  a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Explorer, a Victorinox Swiss Army Original, a Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria, a Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision, and a Victorinox Werks Professional business case. The event’s hotel sponsor, Holiday Inn, also gave away GCs applicable for use in their in-house restaurants. 

Much to my dismay, I didn't win anything. I really wanted the knife. The one I own is just the basic one and I've been wanting a more complete set for quite some time.

With loads of quality offerings from knives, watches, luggage, and clothes, a Victorinox Klasse Card can sure come in handy. Make sure you ask about it on your next Victorinox Shopping trip. :)