boostcase with credit card holder review

It is really through personal experience that you get to truly appreciate the convenience of innovative design...

boostcase philippines
When I first got my Boostcase wallet case in the mail, my first thoughts were that it's pretty and well-made....

boostcase philippines
I recognized it's 2-in-1 purpose but it wasn't really something that I thought would be a necessity until the night of the #SugarSmashGin concert.

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Prior to the concert, I had several events I needed to attend. I wasn't really able to "prepare properly" for a concert since I was on the road since early in the morning. Halfway through the day, I just gave our maid a phone call and asked her to pack a tshirt, shorts and sneakers that I could change into from my cocktail dress. Of course I forgot to mention to bring a sling bag or backpack.

I didn't want to carry around a clutch or my overnight bag with me to the concert but I needed to have my id, ticket, credit card, and phone on my person.

This might seem a little daft but it's the only time that the convenience of my new case really hit me! Everything I needed was neatly incorporated into one nifty cellphone case without adding much bulk!

I slipped it into my pocket and that's that, my hands were free to enjoy the rest of the night without having to worry about my bag getting snatched or misplaced...

boostcase wallet case
What's also pretty cool about my Boostcase is that you can interchange its can remove the wallet simply by sliding it off and replace it with a compatible Boostcase external battery pack for extra juice on the go. There are several Boostcase options for you to choose from depending on your needs. Bottomline is that you don't need to go through the tiresome motion of having to remove your phone casing. All you need to do with Boostcase is slip and slide!

digits trading
boostcase review
Boostcase is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading. 



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