cash for unwanted dvd's

I am quite the movie nut and have been purchasing dvd’s for over a decade. Within that span of time, my collection has grown out of control. I have 2 cabinets full of them with 90% already out of their jackets and transferred to nylon binders. I have never attempted to count them but I’m guessing they’re in the 5 digit range judging from the way my piles look.

I just can’t resist a good buy one take one/70% off deal. If I haven’t seen it and it’s on sale, I gotta have it. And we all probably know why they’re on sale right? Most of the time they suck.

But trash or treasure, one thing’s for certain. I haven’t touched a single dvd in the past year.
With the arrival of numerous streaming websites online, I just don’t find the need for them anymore. I find watching movies online a lot more practical and one hundred times neater.

There are about a million other useful things that I would like to store in those 2 cabinets instead. I have been tempted 10 times over to just dump everything in the garbage chute. The only thing stopping me is the reality of how much money I spent on those discs. Throwing them away would feel a lot to me like burning money and I’m sure you all can relate with that.

I’d rather get a little something out of them than nothing at all, at this point, it doesn’t matter how much as long as I know they’re not going to waste. Thankfully, while randomly browsing the web, I came across a site called Music Magpie and they buy as well as sell all kinds of used cd’s, dvd’s and games. It felt like one of those eureka “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

I haven’t had a chance to try their service yet but believe me, it’s at the top of my to-do list as soon as my schedule clears up and I find the time to sort them out. Hopefully before the Christmas season arrives. If by any chance you guys have already tried selling to them, please let me know how it went. Thanks! :)



rhania escueta said…
wow dameee!
Ma. Clarice Lao said…
wow, that's cool. :)
sarah tirona said…
katamad kse, here i can just scan the barcodes with an app and then it loads automatically daw :)
heartofatigress said…
Wow! Movie junkee huh! Magandang investment po yan :)