divoom ifit-1 speaker review

I got my Divoom speakers as a press gift a couple weeks ago (from a non-gadget related company) and it has been my constant companion eversince.

What I love about my Divoom speakers is that they are ultra compact and neat.

divoom ifit-1 speaker review
Unlike hamburger speakers that require long wires and are quite unstable, Divoom contains everything you'll need within its speaker system that is no larger than a bar of soap.

divoom ifit-1 speaker review
The jack hides neatly at the bottom and it even has a stand for your phone that easily pulls out:

divoom ifit-1 speaker review
See? No mess!

divoom ifit-1 speaker review
Divoom speakers charge via USB, battery life is pretty awesome. It keeps going for hours without having to recharge and sound quality is just as good as its pricier counterparts.

Considering they only retail for P900, these are definitely the best portable mini speakers I have ever owned.

*this is not a sponsored post

ps. let me know if you want a live demo via youtube


Juvy Coros said…
Hi. Where can i buy this pls?

sarahtirona said…
Hi Juvy!

Lazada.com.ph has it, not sure wherelse, maybe beyond the box? :)