freeway presents juan luna

No words can describe the level of genius that Juan Luna is.

He is one of our country's most revered National Artists and for good reason. Even after a century, his works still have the power to stun like no other. His images are so powerful that they get stuck in your head and turn into what dreams are made of.

Today, I would just like to take the time and commend Freeway for choosing to feature Juan Luna in their Holiday 2013 National Artist collection.

With technology present everywhere, most of us prefer to just google things instead of taking the time to actually visit museums and galleries to see the works themselves. By superimposing some of Juan Luna's greatest art pieces onto their clothing and accessories, Freeway makes his masterpieces more accessible to the masses.

Juan Luna is once again remembered and celebrated not just in a museum but on the streets as well for everyone to view and enjoy...

freeway x juan luna
juan luna x freeway
freeway juan luna
freeway juan luna
freeway juan luna

freeway juan luna
It takes a genius to recognize a genius and this collection proves once again why Freeway remains to be one of the top fashion brands in our country.

for more info on Freeway and the Juan Luna collection, visit: or follow them of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@freewayonline)



Chyrel Gomez said…
Gorgeous, as always! You don't look stressed at all! Wonder girl, what is the secret of your power? XD
Issachavez said…
it's really nice of freeway for doing this for our artists! :)