levi's philippines introduces revel jeans + win 10k gc's/wayfarers/golds gym membership

Everybody owns a pair of jeans and yet it is extremely difficult to find a pair that fits and flatters in all the right places with the right wash.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted a pair of Levi's that I could call my favorite. Nothing beats that iconic pocket. However, no matter how much I looked, I couldn't find a style that fit my body type perfectly.

I usually settled for a loose fitting pair in the men's section. Looks cool but didn't do much for my already non-existent buttocks. :P

Until yesterday....

Introducing Levi's new Revel Jeans which were created specifically for women!

levis philippines revel jeans
In the recent years, Levi's has acknowledged the growing demand for perfect fitting ladies jeans hence the birth of their signature "Curve ID" which determines the right shape and tailoring to flatter your body type.

This year, they take this newfound dedication even further with the introduction of their latest line, the "Revel Jeans".

levis philippines revel jeans
Levi's new Revel  features a new patented Liquid Shaping Technology fused into the denim to provide hold and comfort, that lifts, shapes and defines your body.

The engineered fit contours and elongates your legs to result in a beautiful silhouette.

levis philippines
They are so comfortable and make you look incredibly gorgeous, you will never want to take them off. For the first time in years, I finally have something that resembles a butt and I can't help but want to show it off by tucking in my shirts all the time :P

levis revel jeans
And btw, the new Revel Jeans also guarantee zero skanky buttcrack shows no matter how much you move, bend and wiggle "it" around!
levi's revel jeans
Levi's is so confident about women of all shapes and sizes finding their perfect Revel pair that they're giving away P10k worth of Levi's GC's, Rayban Wayfarers or a 3 month memebership to Gold's Gym with no purchase necessary.

levis philippines
 All you have to do is drop by one of their pop-up stores like this one which is currently in MOA, get measured for your Curve ID, try on a pair of Revel jeans recommended by their fit expert and snap a photo of yourself with your best pose...like this...
levis philippines revel jean
10 winners will be chosen by Levi's Philippines!
Everyone's a winner since finding a pair of jeans that fit like a glove is a prize in itself ;)

for more info, visit: http://levi.com.ph/ph/ and follow them on twitter for updates.