louis phillip kee opens along libis

Louis Phillip Kee, one of the premier salons in Manila, opened their latest branch last Saturday along Libis in Quezon City and I was fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers chosen to try out their different services.

Previous to the event, we were asked via email to pick several services that we would like to avail. We had the option of choosing between a haircut, hair color, hair treatment, waxing (including brazilian), threading, massages and manipeds.

louis phillip kee salon libis
For this visit, I chose to avail of a maniped, threading and keratin hair treatment. I skipped on the cut and color since I'm growing my hair and it just got colored recently.

Here's my experience.

louis phillip kee review
The interiors of Louis Phillip Kee in Libis is quite spacious and very clean. They even have a private room that you can avail of for maybe a wedding entourage or a fun bonding and pampering session with friends? Brazilians and other services that require privacy are also separated from the main salon in a small adjacent room .

louis phillip kee libis
Just like me, blogger friends Dani Barreto, Mikyle Quizon and Tracy Ayson, also availed of the Keratin Hair Treatment which seemed to be a favorite amongst all of us that day. (Will post a dedicated and in depth review for this in a different post).

louis phillip kee libis
In the meantime, let's just discuss the basics and why you should check them out if you're looking for a good salon in the area...

  • staff is well trained and very professional - one of my most painless threading sessions ever
  • quite affordable (in the mid-range bracket)
  • clean, quiet and relaxing
  • they did an excellent job on my maniped, strong and still hasn't chipped since Saturday (quite a miracle for someone like me who manages to ruin my nail job just after a day.)
  • quality salon products like schwarzkopf and loreal to name a few
louis phillip kee branches
Check out my hair after the Keratin treatment...no more frizz!

I love it, it's just the after that's a bit gruelling...can't shampoo or wet it for 2 days!

louis phillip kee review
And lastly, Louis Phillip Kee in Libis also has the cutest and most fasyown shampoo boy ever. :P

louis phillip kee branches
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Jehn Poblacio said…
"We had the option of choosing between a haircut, hair color, hair treatment, waxing (including brazilian), threading, massages and manipeds." - For free? If I had a chance I would avail all of their services! hahaha!
sarahtirona said…
hahaha, good choice, i wouldve as well but im growing my hair and just had it colored recently :P