merry hempsters hemp tattoo balm review

Despite the influx of new brands in our country these past few years, it is still quite difficult to find specialty products especially when its purpose isn't entirely mainstream.

When I got my tattoo, I was briefed about how to care for it and help it heal. Along with that came a few debunked "old wives tales" (if you can call them that :P).

A couple of them are the misconception/misuse of Petroleum Jelly and Teramycin as after-care treatments.

According to P&P Tattoo, Petroleum Jelly prevents the skin from breathing and pulls the color out, same is true with Teramycin which treats ink as a pathogen.

Instead, I was advised to use a non-scented baby lotion or tattoo balm. 

Nothing wrong with baby lotion except it's only purpose really is to keep skin from overdrying and getting unbearably itchy during the healing process. Doesn't do much about fading and keeping your tattoo as pretty and vibrant as when you first got it.

merry hempsters hemp tattoo balm philippines
Tattoos are life investments that you will want to take care of. Having a faded tattoo on your body is like having a battered poster of a politician on the walls of your fence. Unacceptable.

Yes you can get it re-touched but why spend again for the same tattoo when you can use your money to get another one instead? ;)

Merry Hempsters Hemp Tattoo Balm promises to keep your body art looking fresh with its key ingredients: organic hemp seed oil blended with carrot seed, lavender and orange essential oils which are all provent to be extremely great for the skin.

merry hempsters hemp tattoo balm review
It also contains SPF (great for the beach, getting your tattoo sunburned is a huge NO-NO.) and Calendula which is known to reduce inflammation and has anti-fungal properties guaranteeing Merry Hempsters Hemp Tattoo Balm as a perfect tattoo after-care product.

merry hempsters hemp tattoo balm philippines
Merry Hempsters Hemp Tattoo Balm is also very handy and a cinch to apply. Just twist and rub onto your tattoo. It has a great smell, is non-greasy and goes on as a barely there transparent film. It's definitely a great find plus its also 100% certified vegan, handcrafted and cruelty free!

Merry Hempsters Hemp Tattoo Balm retails for P550.

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