tartan + plaid - a beautiful mess

Tartan and Plaid are one of those odd things in life that seem to not make sense but for some weird reason, look good together...The best way to describe it is a beautiful and happy mess, not unlike myself.

I would rather be a bunch of imperfections put together with a lot to fix than a perfect procelain being you wouldn't even dare touch. 

I have lived my life as a walking contradiction and I don't plan to change that anytime soon. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with constantly trying to reinvent yourself. It doesn't mean you are lost, it just means that you get bored settling in a crevice and prefer to stir things up to keep it interesting. Life is too short to be boring.

tartan and plaid street style
tartan and plaid street style
zara philippines fashion blogger
kangaroos sneakers street style
zara philippines fashion blogger
Live and let live.

tartan neoprene mini skirt from zara | floral jacket from blessed online shop | los angeles number jersey from topshop | kangaroos sneakers from tobys sports

photos by Ana


lubica said…
Nice outfit....

sarahtirona said…
thank you! :)