tm x the fat kid inside: erwan heusaff

Whenever I tell people I used to be fat, topping the scale at 135 for my 5'1" physique, they look at me in doubt, so here's a picture to prove to you all that I was once a chubby kid.

team manila the fat kid inside
Just like Erwan Heusaff, I had weight struggles pretty much all throughout my high school years. I tried all sorts of different crash diets but nothing worked until I set foot in college and studied culinary arts. Nutrition was included in our curriculum and it was there that I realized where my weight problems stemmed from...hidden sugars, fast food and lots of junk.

It is really through healthy eating that I slowly started to shed off those unwanted pounds...which is why I stand behind Erwan's cause and commend him highly for not only making his struggle public but for creating a website/blog to help people who are going through the same dilemmas.

erwan heusaff the fat kid inside
team manila x the fat kid inside
team manila the fat kid inside
The Fat Kid Inside's collaboration with Team Manila takes this dedication even further by designing shirts that encourage healthy living and forgive slip-ups once in awhile cause after all, we're only human and only live once (YOLO that tub if ice cream!). ;P

erwan heusaff team manila
erwan heusaff team manila
team manila the fat kid inside
team manila the fat kid inside
team manila branches
Expect lots of cool typography and layouts inspired by vintage cookbooks. And, unlike previous collaborations, Erwan's features canvas bags that you can use for trips to the grocery and aprons that are stylish enough to get caught in a candid street style snapshot in.

Team Manila x The Fat Kid Inside is now available in all Team Manila stores.

for more info, connect with Team Manila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@teammanila)



heartofatigress said…
Applause for living healthy! Kamukha mo si Nikola sa first pic. Heheh :)