uniqlo launches new fleece collection

For some reason, I have always seen fleece as something utilitarian, something reserved for camping and sports. I never really paid much attention to it until recently, when I personally got to try and own one from Uniqlo.

Their flagship fleece jackets come in endless colors in a simple cut. They didn't really jump at me when I first saw them hanging on the racks at their SM Aura store but when I tried them on...it was a whole different story.

The simple cut with a turned up collar is actually VERY chic in a minimalistic way. I am in love with all the neutrals...white, beige, black and also the one in a sort of gray-blue shade. They are the coziest thing ever plus prices start at just P790 for the regular fleece.  Personally, I am partial to the furrier/shaggy version which sells for P990 (as seen in the photo below). They have the look of a fur coat but can easily be worn in a country like ours without having to bear the judgmental looks from the less experimental (fashion-wise) set.

For men, and women who prefer a sportier look, they also carry micro-fleece jackets (P790) which are less bulky but offer the same comfort and "snuggability".

uniqlo philippines fleece collection
uniqlo philippines fleece collection
uniqlo philippines fleece collection

Uniqlo's new URBAN FLEECE collection comes in jackets, coats, slacks and t-shirts for men, women and children in different variations of the material yet all are truly affordable.

I'm going back for a matching jacket for me and Nikola plus maybe a black hooded coat that I so totally fell for and is perfect for my trip abroad this January.

The new fleece collection is really something worth checking out, while you're there, make sure to also check out their plaid flanel shirts and super cool graphic tees.

Now I know why UNIQLO is such a big hit in Japan.

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