vintage buying international clothing giveaway

Here's a new International Giveaway for you all c/o Vintage Buying!

Vintage Buying is an online shopping site that specializes in vintage inspired clothing. Lots of beautifully detailed and embellished clothing at very affordable prices. 

What's even better is that when you sign up, you get a free $50 coupon + free standard shipping worldwide!

They're my latest favorite online shopping destination (hello plaid flannels!) which is why I decided to team up with them to sponsor a giveaway for you all!

One lucky reader gets the chance to win one of the pretty pieces of your choice below from Vintage Buying:

Take your pick from either this grogeous lace embellished top (HERE), tapesry inspired sweater (HERE)
riveted ballet flats (HERE), chain link denim jacket (HERE), or this pretty ruffled dress (HERE)

 To qualify for this giveaway, just fill up the Rafflecopter form below:


sherry ann gole cruz said…
sherry ann gole cruz
twitter and IG:@annkharize
Erika said…
name: Erika Rodica


Twitter & Instagram: erikarodica
patty villegas said…
Name: Maria Patricia Villegas
twitter and IG: hearitfrompatty

I do hope I win this time! :))
Abigail Chan said…
Abigail Joyce Chan
twitter: @AjtChan
IG: @ajtchan
Crystal Marie Cañete said…
Crystal Marie Cañete
Twitter- @ystalc
IG- @dearcrysy
kristina_168 said…
Kristina Marie Letada
Twitter: @kmltina
Instagram: @iamteenuh
ghirlieee said…
Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
Twitter and IG: @ghirlieee
sheena mae solmayor said…
Sheena Mae Solmayor
Twitter: @SheenaMaeSolmay
Instagram: @sheeking1430
Fatima Amitaf said…
name: Fatima Ballena
Twitter :@fulrich
Instagram username:faithimaz
Yam Ongsioco said…
may ongsioco
instagram: @cutella
Maki Yosh said…
NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang
TWITTER: @marchyde078
janina marie sarmiento said…
Janina Marie M. Sarmiento
twitter: @janinamariee
instagram: janinamariee
Marielle Romano-Francisco said…
Marielle Francisco
twitter @yengfrancisco
Vangeline Lopez Nuñez said…
Vangeline Nuñez
cora said…
Lulu said…
Olesia Flegka
twitter: @LuluFleg
taranoia said…
I want that sweater!

Tara Pelayo
Twiiter: taranoia
Instagram: heytaranoia
Shekinah Jahziel Amoranto
CarissaMari Torres said…
Carissa Mari Torres
instagram/ twitter: @carissatorres13
Arriane said…
Arriane M. Nervez
Trish Lozano x said…
Trisha Camille Lozano
twitter/ig: @trishlozano_
Leilani Sonza said…
Leilani Sonza
IG/ Twitter: lilaec
Valentina said…
google friend connect: la vale
fb: valentina gregori
twitter @valeegregori
Nicoleta Alexandra said…
Badea Nicoleta Alexandra
twitter: @hubba1bubba
Alyson Climbon said…
GFC: alyson
Twitter: @alyswe
Facebook: Alyson Climbon
Sandy Monroe said…
gfc/fb sandy monroe
twitter @micia_sandy
Courtney Bella said…
Courtney b villari
instagram @vanitizebaby
adeta grace garcia said…
Adeta Grace Garcia
Lanie Pregoner said…
Lanie Pregoner
Twitter: @laniepregs
Chell ♚ said…
Rochell Geronimo
Twitter: @chekkik
IG: @watchachelly
henley said…
Henley Tabal
Twitter: @hennypennyisred
heartofatigress said…
Jawaher Banico
JaniceQue said…
Janice Que
IG: @quejaja
TWITTER: @quejaja
Lovely Joy V. Merced said…
Lovely Joy Merced
IG & Twitter: @Joyluck_614
Lennie Mungcal said…
Lennie Mungcal
twitter: @lhen_tari
gustosa giveaways said…
aileen sadano
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom
Marie Danicia Castro
mariedanicia @ yahoo . com
@mariebisket (IG and Twitter)
Ana said…
Ana Stanciu
Facebook: Ana Stanciu
don't have a twitter/IG account, sorry :(
May Ochea said…
Maria May Ochea
IG: @may091589
Twitter: @itsMAY24
Evelyn Chuter said…
Evelyn Chuter EveChuter -Twitter
Evelyn Chuter said…
I just posted this but I don't see it so I'll try again. Evelyn Chuter EveChuter- Twitter
Gie Cruz said…
Gie Cruz
IG: mikeegie14
Twitter: @edgiecruz
Tolemee said…
Thanks for the giveaway, love the denim jacket ;)
Twitter @AurelieRed
Email : redaurelie(at)gmail(dot)com

Name : Aurelie Red
May Ochea said…
Maria May Ochea
IG: @may091589
Twiiter: @itsMAY24
Marilyn Gomabo said…
name: Marilyn Gomez Gomabo
Twitter: @allenrjgomez
Liza Vladyka said…
liza vladyka
arra carrasco-odeza said…
arra odeza
@acodeza (IG & twitter)
Juvy Coros said…
Juvy Junsay Coros
@daintyfreckles on twitter.
Vasilica Badea said…
Badea Vasilica
Twitter: @Vasilica Badea
i don't have instagram
Francesca Furlan said…
NAME: Francesca Furlan
GFC: Francesca Furlan
FACEBOOK: Francesca Furlan
TWITTER: @Francesca_FF_
YOUTUBE: Francesca Furlan
Neri Marin said…
Nerissa Marin
Twitter: @sUkiyak1
IG: @sukiiyak1
fati said…
Name: Fatima ezzahra
Twitter: @TheyCallMeFati
Iris Castillo said…
Iris Castillo
FB: Iris Castillo
IG: @irisdescence
Twitter: @imirisC
Kimberly Camille Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu
Twitter: kimtiu37
IG: kimtiu37
eugenia stefan said…
fb gina whim
Serenitka B said…
Monika Bochman
FB: Monika Bochman
GFC: Serenitka B
Twitter: @SerenitkaB
Monika Erzsebet said…
-Monika Erzsebet
belinda b. ibanez said…
Belinda Ibanez
Twitter: @bieance
IG: @bieance
leizledemaisip said…
Leizle Demaisip
twitter: @iamLeizle4ever
IG: @iamleizle4ever
Sweet Sherley said…
your name: Chiara Lops
Twitter : @chiaragiveaway
Instagram username: sweet sherley
Trillina Palemi said…
gfc, trillina palemi
Twitter, @trillina_palemi..
Instagram, @trillinapalemi
Mica de Jesus said…
GFC: Mica de Jesus
Mica de Jesus said…
GFC: Mica de Jesus
Twitter: @micaadejesus
Instagram: @micaadejesus
Petra Black said…
Petra Mrkoci
Twitter: @petrablack007
Instagram: @petrablack007
Isis Lourenço said…
Isis Lourenço
yt:gerilen elinessete
Mai Decena said…
Marine Rose Decena
Rackell Villareal said…
Rackell Villareal
IG @rnvillareal
Twitter @unique_bride
Audrey18 said…
Entered, thanks!
FB Audrey Sorrentino
Twitter @AudreyGiveaway
Dana Biona Dela Cruz said…
Name: Angela Dana B. Dela Cruz
E-mail: Twitter and/or Instagram username.
Kumara Lifestyle said…
GFC Lorna
Email kumarablog @
Twitter @LornaBB
Chona Gomba said…
Chona Gomba
@ChloeBlaneis (Twitter & Instagram)
mary jane hernandez said…
name:mary jane hernandez
twitter username: jhane_hernandez
abegail said…
Twitter: iamabegaila
Instagram username: iamabegaila
Mirzi said…
name: Mirzi Sarte
Twitter and/or Instagram username: mizichic
Sush said…
Lou Sushmita Mae E. Bernardino
Twitter: @helloukittyy
Instagram: hkitty5
FF said…
tw and instagram: floreenciaF
Alta Infante said…
Aletha Jane Infante
Twitter: itsaltainfante
jes816sa said…
Anna Maria Jessa P. Calvan
Twitter and Instagram: @anna_mariaj
Lorraine Tan said…
name: Lorraine Tan
twitter & IG: @1raine1
Arjayssa Reyes said…
Arjayssa Reyes
Twitter: @arjayssareyes
IG: @cesacipe
angelcullen94 said…
name: Angel Cullen
Twitter: @AngelCullen_94
Ohms Emocling said…
Woot!Love vintage:)
Ohms Emocling
Jhoana Lejano said…
I am yearning for the sweater! :)

Name: Jhoana Marie M. Catiter
Twitter: @jhoanalejano
Marinela Diaz said…
Marinela Diaz
Twitter: @MarinelaSDiaz
IG: @diaznel08
Nicole Cena ♥ said…
Nicole Traballo



I wont give up till i win one of your giveaways. I always visit your blogs bc it is so entertaining and makes me updated about new stuffs. God bless. and Nice blog too! xox
Abigail said…
Abigail sy
Twitter @abbysy11
IG @abbysy11
@jexxaaaaaagg said…
Jessamer Abing


Chelsi said…
Chelsi Bernardino
@chelsipopz - twitter and IG
Leticia Fernandes said…
Leticia Fernandes, GFC: Jane Eyre
leticiaeyre-2 at yahoo dot com
Pat said…
Patricia Hernandez
twitter & instagram: @patph81
Cathlyn Joy Roman said…
Cathlyn Joy Roman
twitter: @cathjoyroman
Déborah Tg said…
Deborah Tg
tw @buddi981
ig buddi981
lainev said…
Laine V
Khristel Anne Vital said…
Khristel Vital
twitter/ig: vkhrstl
jessiemer abing said…
Jessiemer ABing
Fb: Mer Abs
twitter: @JessieDCa
IG: @littleblackjessie
Aparna Singh said…
Aparna Singh
Twitter: @AparnaSingh27
IG: @andromedablack27
slither1004 said…
Aida Villanueva
Twitter and Instagram: @slither1004
Emilie Canapi Prades said…
Emilie Udasco
Twitter/IG name: @Eliecious
Sela Ellorda said…
Name: Joselle Anne A. Ellorda
Twitter: @joselleellorda
Instagram: @joselleanneellorda
tinaelainer said…
Name: Tina Elaine M. Resuello
Twitter and IG name: tinaelainer
Tere Decena said…
name: Therese Decena
Elle C. said…
Roselle Joyce Caldez
Twitter: @Xeigh07
IG: @rosellecaldez
Sharmaine Arellano said…
Name: Sharmaine Arellano
Twitter: @harealz
Crystal Cruz said…
NAME: Crystal Cruz
twitter: @crystahal
ig: crystahal
Caryn Morales said…
caryn morales
twitter: @yenmorales
ig: @yenmorales1981
sheryl an mungcal said…
Sheryl An Mungcal
twitter: @an_mungcal
IG: @dadz_angel
Jacquelyn Galas said…
Jacquelyn Galas
twitter: @Nyl_euqcaj
Nicoleta Agache said…
Nicoleta Agache
facebook:Nicoleta Agache
Twitter @IonicaNico
Elinor Semira said…
Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
ig: @mhoie1325
Jea Blancaflor said…
Jea Blancaflor
Twitter: forevahdreamy
IG: forevahdreamy
Fati Recede said…
Name: Fati Recede
twitter: _itsmefati