because inc: saforelle + the cream factory

I headed to Ortigas several days ago to meet the people behind Because Inc and the new products they're bringing into our country: Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care and The Cream Factory.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit weirded out when I was first contacted by Because Inc. Unlike other companies, they wanted to schedule a one on one sit down meeting, not for a contract but just to get to know me and to personally introduce their products. It felt a little network-ish.

But now I know why.

They are one meticulous bunch and every single detail is painstakingly attended to. There is a pure love for what they do and what they sell.

And for good reason. I have been given the privilege to try their products and they are really wholesome, happy and exceptional.
saforelle philippines
I am already a user of Saforelle. My first bottle came in one of my glamourboxes.

Often mistaken for feminine wash, Saforelle is actually an all over gentle cleansing care product from France.

It's safe for everyday use on your intimate area and it also makes a great body and face wash. It's my favorite travel buddy since I only have to take 1 bottle with me now instead of 3.

What I love about Saforelle is its scent and how gentle it really feels on the body. You know how we associate feminine wash scents with our genital area? Not Saforelle, it smell reminds me of one of my favorite colognes as a child, can't quite put my finger on it but its around the lines of Jean Nate or Denenes.

It also contains Burdock extract which is great for moisturizing and getting rid of skin irritations and itch. It helps relieve diaper rash, jock itch and even insect bites!

What's even better is that it roughly costs just as much as all those other feminine washes in the market but you get much much more out of it.

the cream factory philippines
And next, The Cream Factory.

I haven't had the chance to try the body washes yet but I've already taken a whiff of all them and they smell really good.

The Cream Factory's products contain real goat's milk which is great for the skin. They also use a lot of healing ingredients like Witch Hazel, Jojoba, Honey, Seaweed, Chocolate, Sea salt, Avocado and Cinammon.

Each bottle is labeled with its respective benefits so its easy for you to pick the right one to target your specific skin care needs.

the cream factory
the cream factory philippines

Like I said, have not had the chance to try the Bath Creams but I have been able to test their Sea Salt scrub which I immediately fell in love with. The smell takes me back to the beach, a little product goes a long way and it works EXTREMELY well. My skin was 110x smoother after just a few minutes of exfoliating. It contains the right amount and size of grain for efficient exfoliation plus the essential oils used in their scrubs is also ultra moisturizing. I highly highly recommend trying this.

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