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This is what I wore to my meeting with Nike a couple days ago....
nike philippines
Can I just say...the Nike office is so awesome and looks like a hell of a lot of fun to work in. There were autographed sports paraphernalia on display everywhere, a game/rec room equipped with playstations, x box, rock band, foos ball table and awesome lockers for the employees. Best office I have ever visited in my entire life...I can just imagine what google is like...

Anyway, back to the outfit...was starting to feel the makings of a head cold coming on so I wanted something comfortable, cozy and snuggly and when it comes to that, nothing performs better than this trifecta: dependable stripe cami from sm ladies fashion, black romwe skorts and this oversized knit kimono...which is made with super soft fabric that feels gorgeous against the skin. Honestly, if I could wear it everyday, I would. But I almost always have it handy in my purse.

What's your favorite no-branier, comfy ensemble? :)

sm ladies fashion blogger
boostcase philippines
veloci watch
romwe tribal kimono ootd
romwe tribal kimono ootd
romwe origami skorts
romwe tribal kimono
romwe tribal kimono and skorts (see here) | sm ladies fashion stripe cami | nike sb eric koston | alex and ani bangles | veloci watch | boostcase in mint for iphone5

photos by Ana



Christeen said…
bet na bet ko yung kimono :)
Istin Dizon Paigna said…
thank you Ms Sarah and Global Art. will send an email now :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks christeen! :)
eden said…
and you wore Nike to a meeting with Nike! im loving the outfit ha:) miss yew Sarah T!

FashionBlography said…
Hi miss Sarah, I also think the same with Eden :)

You look sporty but cute with those outfits. I love it so much!