domex #1MCleanToilets giveaway, win a domex giftpack

To help kickstart Domex's 1 Million Clean Toilets movement, Fashion Eggplant is hosting a giveaway wherein 1 lucky reader gets to take home a gift pack filled with all of Domex's new products.

Now I can't think of a better giveaway than this. Not only will you be instrumental in helping millions of lives, you also get the chance to win something useful, a household necessity for everyday living....something we hate spending on but must and if you can get it for free, why not? One gift pack will probably cover several months, that's a lot of savings! :)

domex 1 million clean toilets movement
domex 1 million clean toilets movement
domex giveaway
And because we really want to encourage as many people as we can to join in, we've made the criteria to qualify very simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Domex Facebook page, click on app and pledge (takes very little of your time :)
  2. After pledging, share the App through Facebook/Twitter, Create your wittiest/most inspiring/ educational status as you pledge. Use the 3 official hashtags (#Domex, #1MCleanToilets #WorldToilet Day). 
  3. Leave a comment below with your share URL and email address.
Best status wins.

Contest ends on November 18, 2013 at 5pm.

Good Luck!


ghirlieee said…
Yay!! Will wait for them. Thank you so much!! :) ♥