giveaway: win romwe gift certificates (open worldwide)

When people ask me where I got a certain pair of shorts, skirt, jacket, etc, more often than not, my answer is Romwe. 

Romwe always has a variety of unique and super eye-catching wardrobe pieces in stock that are 100% guaranteed head-turners...price and quality is also excellent which is why for several years now, they have been my number 1 destination for shopping online. Also helps a lot that shipping is always free worldwide.

So I guess, it's only fitting for me to sponsor a giveaway from them on my birth month! Couldn't be more excited to share this with you guys! <3 :="" div="">

romwe fashion blogger giveaway

Aside from my birth month, it's also party season and ROMWE has a lot of super pretty pieces for you to choose from but of course, if you win, you can use your gift certificates for anything your heart desires, the decision is up to you. :)

So here we go, the giveaway will run 'til December 2, 2013 and 2 lucky Fashion Eggplant readers get to win a $30 gift certificate each! To qualify, all you have to do is fill up the rafflecopter form below:

Good Luck!


caryn morales said…
caryn morales
twitter: @yenmorales
ig: @yenmorales1981
gfc: yen morales
Ma. Clarice Lao said…
Ma. Clarice Lao
TW/ IG: @valandclai
Emilyn Saulog Cañares said…
Emilyn Cañares
Twitter: @emilyn17
IG: @gabjayjoh17
Ma. Clarice Lao said…
I fell in love with this gold dress.
mmmedina said…
Lemme win please! :D

Maethel Medina
IG/Twitter: maethelmedina
Lola V. said…

the perfect dress for new years eve
Thais Magalhães said…
Name: Thais M.

Twitter: @thaat
silviabia said…
Sílvia Carvalho
twitter: @silviabia41
Emilyn Saulog Cañares said…
Emilyn S. Cañares
Twitter: @emilyn17
IG: gabjayjoh17
Alyson Climbon said…
GFC: alyson
Twitter: @alyswe
Facebook: Alyson Climbon
Cora said…
enter me

GFC: Cora
FB: Cora Gwen
Twitter: @Cora_Gwen
Sandy Monroe said…
sandy monroe
Valentina said…
valentina gregori

twitter @valeegregori

Yuen said…
Such gorgeous dresses! Perfect for christmas (:
FF said…
Florencia Fernandez
Frances Janina Baluyan said…
Name: Frances Janina Baluyan


Twitter: @ynnabaluyan

Instagram: @ynnabaluyan
Anupriya DG said…
I love how you always style your pieces to create stunning outfits!!! <3

Also, ROMWE has amazing stuff always!!! Their party collection looks gorgeous and are sure to be head-turners this season! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the beauties!! :)
Naama A said…
great giveaway! I'm in!
Naama A
nam12 [at]
instagram: naamaaha
Storm Russel said…
Screen protectors like the sapphire ones are a must….ZAGG, Stealth Lite, Rhino and 3M screen protectors are awesome. If you can't get your hands on one, get a GEARMAXX screen protector. They sell on ebay for cheap and are as high quality and durable!
Joana Abreu said…
Name: Joana Abreu
Facebook: Joana Abreu
Jessica Elizabeth Hamilton said…
Name: Jessica Hamilton
IG: JessyPooh87
Kim Garin said…
Name: Maria Kimberly V. Garin
E-mail: khim_garin /
Twitter: @Kimchuuuuuu
Instagram: @kimchuuuuuu
Maria Carmelle Mendoza said…
Name: Maria Carmelle Mendoza
Twitter: mellekyway
JaniceQue said…
Janice Que
IG: @quejaja
TWITTER: @quejaja
Mizpa Herbuela said…
Mizpa Herbuela
tw: @miz_cky
ig: @miz_cky
heartofatigress said…
Jawaher Banico
Carla said…
Name: Carla Hutchinson
Twitter: thehutch_touch

Been looking through the Romwe catalogue for ages and finally ordered my first Romwe dress last week!
ghirlieee said…
Name: Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
Twitter and/or Instagram username: @ghirlieee
sherry ann gole cruz said…
sherry ann gole cruz
Kinssy said…
Gladyssia Kinssy
makeupid25 said…
GFC: Amanda Victoria
FB: Amanda victoria carling-galang
Twitter: @avictoria321
Email: makeupid25 @
Ann Cagalingan said…
GFC:Ann Cagalingan
FB:Ann Cagalingan
Twitter: @Dimepiecebaybii
ana-maria ignat said…
gfc: ana-maria ignat
fb: ana-maria ignat
twitter: @ancuttzza_m
ana-maria ignat said…
bloglovin : ancuttzza11
Zuzana G said…
FB: Fashion Obsession
Twitter: @gzuzana
haziest hazel said…
name: Hazel Escaño e-mail: Twitter: haziesthazel nstagram username: haziesthazel11
Claire said…
Claire Aragon
Déborah Tg said…
tw @buddi981
Deborah Tg --> gfc , fb
I'm saving money so that I could buy clothes from ROMWE but thanks to your giveaway maybe I could buy one! Hope I win!
Name: Shekinah Jahziel Amoranto
Twitter: @ShekinahJahziel
dorofte alexandra said…
name : dorofte alexandra
gfc : dorofte alexandra
twitter : @dorofteelisabet
instagram : @puffos32
e-mail :
theclothesmuse said…
Christine Gapuz aka Diwa
FB: Diwata Luna
Twitter: @teachdiwa
Bianca Rogoveanu said…
Bianca Rogoveanu
Twitter: @BiancaRogoveanu
Trish Lozano x said…
Trisha Camille Lozano
Twitter and/or Instagram username: @trishlozano_
Aik said…
Aik Chien, @3velyna, aikychien at yahoo dot com

Love the Dual-tone Belted Floral Print White Dress!
ariane said…
name: ariane dela cruz
jheanna lou torre said…
Jheanna Lou Torre


Please checkout my blog :D
Iris Castillo said…
Iris Castillo
Twitter ID: @imirisC
IG: @irisdescence
Jen said…
Jen Sta. Ana / / twitter: jenS_FromDblock

love the ROMWE Cut-out Upper Sleeveless Black Bandeau Dress
itsMeLiecious said…
Name: Junelie Tabangco
twitter: @itsMeLiecious
instagram: @annejunie