How was your week?

Here's mine....

Spell laaazy after #Phfw two weeks ago... 

Seems like so long ago, can't believe it's just been a couple of weeks or is it 3? Im not sure but what I do know is that I've been living too fast these past few months. Days seem to go by and melt into each other, before I know it, it's already the end of one month and the beginning of another.

I am glad for the break. 

I am turning another year older at the end of the month and although I have come to terms with that, I have no plans of rushing into it :P

So back to my week....

I have decided to give myself a real break and just sit back, relax and enjoy some time at home. I have really been starting to feel like a border and have been missing my couch and family so I got right to it and shopped for some DVDs and junk food. Attended events sparingly and spent more time reading, chilling and vegging out. Finally found time to watch Breaking Bad. I'm glad I waited and got to watch the entire thing in a week. Can't imagine spreading it out over 5 years. It's just too compelling. Best series ever don't you think? 

Pfft, I'm just rambling on and if this is getting boring for you, feel free to click on that little x button at the corner of your screen, I won't take it against you. Id probably do the same thing. :P

Just feeling quite chatty today I guess, for my standards at least. 

So about Yolanda... That's pretty devastating right? Have you been pouring over hashtagged posts on IG and twitter? Some are really dumb, Insensitive and irritating. I mean show some respect man...I'm all for moving on and making light of situations but give people a little time to grieve. Jeez.

Heavy shit. Anyway...


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