labato vintage leather flip case for iphone 5 (SDK: JS-IP5-02A30) review

I recently got this leather flip case by Labato from
labato case
When it arrived, it came in a hardbox with a free screen protector, cleaning cloth and plastic dust covers for my headphone and charger port which was not initially specified in the product page but free stuff is always a nice surprise for me.

labato case iphone5 review
Tell you the truth, I have never really been a fan of full leather cases before. I thought they looked "old-ish" and uncool but this one by Labato is quickly changing my mind.

It's made of real leather, smells delicious and the bright red hue makes it look really young and chic...and speaking of leather, genuine leather isn't just a luxury, it also speaks longevity and durability to me. Unlike faux, real leather doesn't crack or tear easily making it cheaper in the long run.

labato iphone 5 case review
labato case review
The dust covers also do a great job in keeping foreign particles from infiltrating my iPhone 5's ports which is always good to prolong their life...

labato case iphone 5
labato case
And I love that my front cover comes with convenient finger access so I don't always need to flip it open just to answer a phone call. Best yet, my phone has never felt more protected. If you're the clumsy type (like me :P) I highly suggest getting one of these cases. Gives you so much peace of mind.



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