Live blogging from watsons 3-day nationwide sale!

Blogged about watsons's 3 day nationwide sale a couple days ago...thought I'd drop by personally, do some shopping and see how much I actually get to save...

First, let me share with you some of my favorite deals...stuff I unashamedly hoarded into my baskets...yep baskets, filled up 3! And only spent 3k!

Anyway, back to my favorites.... If you do plan to drop by watsons to take advantage of their sale (you have til Tom), here are some of the things you should look out for: 

1. Watsons hand soaps. Got the refills at buy 1 take 1 for just P79! I think I bought around 6-8 packets (adik! Haha)
2. Watsons baby soap and lotion (see photos below for price) buy 1 take 1 also 
3. Watsons body lotion, on sale! 109 only for a huge bottle!
4. Watsons toothbrushes...just P49 for 2!
5. Close-up white now toothpaste...P10 off regular price!
6. Watsons 3-in-1 hair curler - P699 from P999
7. Dove shower gel for men - only P90 for the biggest bottle
8. Lucidi leave on hair conditioner 50% off!!! P147 nalang!

Those are just what I personally like and use, aside from those, there's many, many others including make-up!

Yes, I went a bit cray-cray but I couldn't help it. In the end, it paid off... I managed to save P745.13 off my total bill!

Aside from daily essentials, you must also check out their Christmas gift boxes. They have a set for every budget starting at just 2 take 1! 

And aside from all those discounts, you even get an extra 10% shaved off your total bill for every P1500 single receipt purchase!

Unbelievable? You better believe it! 

See for yourself in the photos I took during my store visit below:


Hazel said…
i think i know which branch is this.. gh? haha :D anyway, i was there last friday and I got the gift sets!!! i can't believe they're cheap but the packaging are so cute! :)