native union pop phone review

When my Native Union Pop Phone first arrived at my doorstep, I was super excited. I have been wanting one since I first laid eyes on it a couple years back.

I am a sucker for anything retro, 60s/70s and I thought it was really cute.

I have been tempted to purchase one for myself but I never actually did cause other things got in the way and I thought it was just kitsch.

But now that I actually own one, I have begun to slowly realize the practicality of having one...

So here's a several reasons why I love my Pop Phone:

  • It makes extended conversations on my mobile tolerable
  • Allows me to multi-task while on the phone, I cradle it between my ear and shoulder ala 80s/90s style
  • of course, it's super cute.
  • Makes "skype-ing" easier
  • Undeniable, improved clarity on the line
  • Great for my daughter when she's on doesn't accidentally press buttons with her chin/cheek
  • Same is true for my grandma who still has difficulty using a cellphone...I think I'm getting her one for she's super paranoid about radiation exposure and cancer from prolonged cellphone use, this solves that problem.
  • Easy to use, plug (into headphone jack) and play
Having said all that, here's an unboxing of my Native Union Pop Phone for those who are curious...

native union pop phone philippines
pop phone review
native union pop phone review
native union pop phone review
native union pop phone review
It's a really cool product and considering it retails for only P1200, I think it would make a great Christmas present for everyone...male/female, young or old. :)

for more info on the Native Union Pop Phone, you can visit:

Native Union is available in the Philippines at: Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker.

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