of pigs and democrats

This was supposed to be the continuation of my introduction for my Ayala Malls Joy Of Sharing post but Dennis asked me to take it down.

I obliged.

It would've been done in bad taste anyway to inject so much politics and negativity in an otherwise well-meaning post.

But I can't find it in me to contain my temper for the sake of "keeping the waters calm" as some of you may say.

This will probably not make so much of an impact but knowing there's a few of you out there who will take the time to read this is enough for me.

To be honest, it is quite difficult for me to keep blogging about shopping and fashion when I know how much suffering is being endured by our brothers and sisters in Visayas. It is truly devastating and I feel totally helpless but what can I really do aside from donating, repacking and promoting awareness of the situation over there...as always, the government isn't to be found where they are needed most and really, I'm not surprised. Why do we continue to elect fuck-ups to rule our country? Because there's not much choice? There's just a handful of them who have the means to run and you know that's really the story here...those with money win and it's the same bullshit office after office. It's a wonder no one gets assassinated everyday...god knows a lot of them deserve it.

It is so exasperating.

That is what I wrote this morning. Before I came across more videos on YouTube and a rant by Korina Sanchez about how misled about the "real Tacloban situation" Anderson Cooper is.

I feel so offended by her remark. How stupid does she take us for?

Does she honestly believe that we will see the unsatisfactory, almost non-existent relief efforts of our government in a different light just because she says otherwise? Some people say it is not the time to point fingers, I say, fuck you. You are probably hiding someone guilty in power behind your "wise" words.

What do we do? 

Do we just let this slide and help them cover up their inability to mobilize military aid to where it's badly needed? To cover up the fact that some officials still give in to their greed despite the absolute wreckage around them? No way.

These people are in these positions because they are supposed to be capable and intelligent. They have no excuse to react like a deer caught in headlights when things like this happen.

I cannot let this slide and keep quiet and allow this to happen over and over again without saying anything.

They have the power, the money and the ability, all they have to do is use it and apply themselves.

I have seen hundreds of civilian Filipinos do more with less.

Step up or step down.