If I seem a bit tired and disheveled, that's because I am. I just arrived about 1am "the night before" from a sort of weekend warrior-ish beach getaway and things at home have been whack since then up until it was time for me to laptop decided to die, I had to have it reformatted, buy an external which I have forever been delaying because hey, who wants to spend 3k++ on a plastic block when you can use the same amount of money to buy other more exciting things like say, shoes? :P Also, I couldn't miss this event despite it being early in the morning and way out in Intramuros plus I woke up to realize our car was coding and I was running late, way late. I took a cab and the driver seemed to be straight out of hell.

What can you do?

Took a shower and dressed up in 30 minutes, no make-up, no blow dry. Wet hair as if I was still on my way to high school.

For crazy early mornings like this when there's not much time to dream up an outfit, I choose basic pieces. Especially for this event (Domex 1 million clean toilets) which was rather more on the older and more conservative set. When I put on SUPER basics such as this black and white pants ensemble, I rely on the details to keep things interesting. Couldn't have done it without these two toned loafers from Hued Bags.

androgynous fashion
androgynous street style
androgynous fashion
sm parisian studded bag
black white loafers
pepe jeans round sunglasses via eye statement | forever 21 tux | sm ladies cream camisole | levis revel jeans | sm parisian studded bag | hued bags two toned loafers

photos by Niche



lubica said…
Nice jacket...
Channie ♥ said…
Love this ensemble!!! :) I'm eyeing your bag and shoes! :)