sm kids fashion holiday hunt challenge at sm makati

 2 Teams.

Team A: 6 fashionista moms and journalists
Team B: 6 mom bloggers

The Mission: To come up with 10 different outfits to match the themes and scenarios provided with a budget of P5,000 in 20 minutes or less.

That was the super fun SM Kids Fashion Holiday Hunt event I participated in last November 19 at SM Makati along with 5 other mom bloggers: Michelle, Jackie, Christine, Rowena and "Mrs. Martinez" :).

sm kids holiday hunt bloggers
sm kids fashion holiday hunt fashionista moms
To tell you the truth, we didn't think it was possible in the beginning. 10 full outfits for boys and girls with just P5,000? I was thinking maybe a maximum of 6, maybe 8, was doable but 10 in 20 minutes? Including a tween outfit for a 12 year old boy...I thought it was going to be really tough but turns out, it wasn't so difficult at all.

sm kids fashion holiday 2013
sm kids fashion holiday 2013
First, our strategy was to divide the themes among ourselves, me, Jackie and Christine each got two outfits to style (being the pro-shoppers that we are :P) while the others had 1 each.

We also agreed on a common theme to simplify things a bit - festive outfits that revolve around the colors black, white with little pops of red and sparkle.

And then it was time to run around the mall, literally. It was quite fun to actually have the entire floor to ourselves for shopping/playing in.

sm kids fashion holiday hunt at sm makati
sm kids fashion holiday hunt at sm makati
After several adjustments, we were finally done with 10 complete outfits we were totally proud of and just P200 over budget!

sm kids fashion holiday hunt
Christine did the honors of explaining and presenting our choices while we waited for the judges to make their final decision...

sm kids fashion holiday hunt
bianca araneta sm kids fashion holiday hunt
It was a tie at first and the deciding factor was how much both teams spent in total...guess what? (with a slim margin of around P100) The mom bloggers won! (Yay!) But in the end, we were all given P12,000 worth of SM Kdis Fashion gift certificates each to take home. Perfect for holiday shopping! I will be able to buy outfits for all the kids in our family and still have extra for donations to the children affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

sm kids fashion holiday hunt bloggers
It was a good day indeed and one of the most fun and memorable events I have ever attended. Thank you so much SM Kids Fashion and ARC for having us. :)



OMG! That was a fun event talaga! See you around, Sarah!

sarahtirona said…
next time ulit, see you! :)