We sent our maid to pick up a few things in the grocery yesterday. She never came back. I called her cell around 9pm to ask where she was (she left the house at 4pm) and instead a guy answered claiming that he "found" the sim card in Greenhills. How could a sim card fall out of a phone and why would he pick it up and insert it in his phone? How stupid do you make of us?

It was then that I knew she wasn't coming back.

So she took our money for the groceries and she owes me for one of my old cellphones that she's been paying for little by little every sweldo.

Sometime ago, we sent her to buy meat, she came back empty-handed. According to her, the money must have fell out of her pocket. We let that one slide because things like that do happen but after her little stunt yesterday, I don't know anymore.

It's sad cause I liked her and saw potential in her. I had plans of mentoring her and maybe turning her into my assistant with a bigger salary in the future. We have been extremely nice to her all this time which is why I don't understand and still can't believe why she would do something like that. I find it a bit mean you know? Running away with our money which was meant for food, milk and groceries...especially since she knew that we were really running low on supplies and there wouldn't be anything to cook for dinner or milk for Nikola to have before bedtime.

Makes you lose a bit of faith in people...

Anyway, sorry, I just had to vent out. Here's a bright outfit post to counter the mood :)

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photos by Paul


Istin Dizon Paigna said…
Aw sad to hear that Ms. Sarah.. sya po ba yung nagbukas sakin ng pinto nun Fri? Hope you find a better house helper soon. :)
Anagon said…
omg :( nakakawalang tiwala naman... kaya takot ako iwan booth ko sa bantay / not family e :/ Sorry naman to hear this! :p
krissy said…
WTH?? I have no words -_-

On a lighter note, I love love love your shoes, Madam! :)
sarahtirona said…
Hi Istin! Thank you :) About that, sorry couldn't chat ha, I just woke up when you passed by, dyahe! hahaha, next time, hopefully :)
sarahtirona said…
sakit sa ulo dude, hassle
sarahtirona said…
speechless talaga! some people, just dont understand them. oh well....
Gellie Abogado said…
Aww.. I remember two of my aunty's maids ran off by throwing their bags over the wall and going out of the gate as if they were just buying something at a nearby store. Next thing we knew, they didn't come back. My aunty was super nice to them and we even treat them as family. I dunno the whole story like if something was lost or whatever, because I was still 9 or 10 at that time, but yeah, it, sometimes, makes you lose hope on people.

But on the other hand, seeing how many people strive to help the Yolanda victims even though they do not have relatives or friends affected, pulls you back to the thought that there might still be hope long as people like them exist.

Hope you find a better house helper that you and your family deserves.

Love the outfit, Sarah, and always take care! :)

heartofatigress said…
Ibang klase.. Talagang may mga taong ganyan ka dumi ang mga budhi! Buti na lang po at yan na lang ang nagawa niya.. Yung umalis sa inyo, unlike yung iba sa news, nagnanakaw tapos pumapatay pa.. Ingat po kayo palagi sa mga ganyan Ms Sarah :)
Arnie Villanueva said…
Gaaad people these days >.< So hard to trust :( But anyway, you look sooo pretty in your dainty outfit! Haha refreshing to see you in these colors mama ♥