the thing with christmas....

What do you love most about Christmas?

I love the food, shopping, gift-giving, festivities and how people come together and set aside their differences for the sake of the holiday.

But despite all its niceties, there is one thing that I don't particularly care for...decorating the house...or rather, getting everything down after the season is over.

I don't mean to sound like a scrooge but it can really get pretty tiresome. Putting the tree up can be lots of fun but getting it down and packed can be a real pain the ass. It's also a great dust-trapper especially now that there's construction being done beside our building and dust has multiplied by a hundred times. It gives me the sniffles and Dennis the allergies sometimes.

And don't get me started on packing it all up. I have to take it apart stalk by stalk lug it down to the basement garage, give it a good spraying, hang it to dry then fold everything back up, lug it upstairs and try my best to fit it in the ancient box it came in which takes up so much space I'd rather use to store other things plus I'd hate to think what sleeps in there during the off-season.

As much as I hate it, I can't live without it especially with a 7 year old daughter. I wouldn't want her growing up with bleak Christmas memories of an ornament free home.

So instead, I try to find alternatives to the point where I even conceptualized inventing a pop up tree that springs into life with decorations and all once you extract it from the box...dreaming it up is one thing, getting it done is another so I took to the net instead and found these prelit paper Christmas trees by John Lewis.

They stand about 6 feet and come in two pieces which make it a cinch to assemble and take down. I also like the clean and modern look of them. I think propping up several of them strategically around our place would give it a nice winter wonderland-ish feel and my daughter won't miss our old gigantic plastic tree at all. :P

Heck, with something this easy, I would even allow her to hang some balls on it. And you know, after reflecting on it for some time, I think they are way more stylish looking than my 80s inspired outdated Christmas tree.

What do you think? Are you guys open to modern alternatives such as these?