The weekend that was...

I slept til afternoon, partied like I was 16, woke up to realize I was not, met a new friend, realized it's sometimes okay to let new people in.

Banished some insecurities about my age. For 33 going on 34 I realized I'm not bad, not bad at all. 

Headaches are worth it if it's helps shave off years.

Old friends are the best.

Nothing beats off stress like a trip to the  beach.

I need to get back in sports and hook up with old friends... Because yolo. I lost a dear friend a few days before, he was just a year older than me with no signs of disease but just like that he was gone. 

I split my lip because I walked straight into the closet, it was made immediately bearable the next day by a dip into the salty ocean waters.

The world has it's ways...

And today I am so stressed out with no time to breath. It's a harsh slap in the face from the weekend when time stopped.

At least I can look forward to tonight when I can relinquish time and make it mine once again. 


Issachavez said…
nice photos Miss Sarah! Looks like you had a great weekend! I always love a trip to the beach.... :)
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