chromabond service at azta urban salon (review)

I visited Azta Urban Salon in Eastwood several days ago to try out their new Chromabond service.

Chromabond uses the the same technique as L'Oreal's steampod/steambond service but with the added bonus of getting your hair colored at the same time...without damaging it, of course.

Azta Urban Salon is located at the 2nd floor of Eastwood Citywalk.

chromabond azta
The salon is spacious and clean with a minimalistic feel.

azta urban salon eastwood
azta urban salon chromabond service
Here's my "before" you can can notice, it is quite naturally wavy with some root re-growth.

azta chromabond review
azta chromabond rates
The whole process of getting a Chromabond lasts about 3-4 hours so I suggest you visit the salon with a full stomach and bring something like an iPad to bide your time.

The service itself consists of several treatment intervals similar to a Keratin Hair treatment (if you've done that before..) If you haven't, it's a variety of creams applied to your hair in intervals with a shampoo. There's also a step wherein they seal the product into your hair using the steampod iron as seen in the photo below:

azta chromabond review
Which is then followed by what I think are hair masks of some sort. Bottomline, it's a very precise process which makes you feel like you're really getting your money's worth of product and service.

After what seemed like the entire afternoon, my hair was finally done. The result is fresh out of the salon looking hair without the need to spend minutes or hours on styling.

Just like a Keratin Treatment, you're not supposed to wash your hair for 48 hours after the service to make the most out your treatment and ensure that your hair absorbs maximum moisture and protection from the products that were applied.

azta chromabond review
The difference between a regular dye job and Chromabond is that you don't really get to pick your color. I was told it's more of like an improved cellophane treatment/rebond in one. My hair is now about two shades darker in a warm brown.

And here it is at yesterday's Bloggers United without the benefit of a blow dry...just wash and wear...

chromabond hair azta urban salon
It honestly always looks as if I spent time and effort on my hair when I actually didn't. Leaving the salon, I didn't expect it to look half this good days after but it does. 

Chromabond is perfect for on the go people like me who need to look presentable but without much time to spend on primping. I cannot imagine having another bad hair day after getting this service done....really, it seems impossible now because every single strand of hair always falls perfectly into place even when I first wake up in the morning plus it's softer and shinier than ever. It's kind of a little miracle.

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Inga F said…
Me too - me too - I want the gift of youth and beauty! I will add that to my holiday wish list!
Inga F said…
Love that rose gold hue, will be perfect for all those coming Holiday parties!
Ohms Emocling said…
wow love the gold hue, btw, cute ng nails mo Ms. Sarah, it seems a young woman:)
sarahtirona said…
hahahaha, looks like lang, i have super ugly hands. :P pang "mama" levels
sarahtirona said…
hi inga! yup, it goes with everything! thanks for stopping by :)
sarahtirona said…
cheers! hoping you got what you asked for last xmas! :)
Oh hello fellow, short-nailed person!
sarahtirona said…
hahaha, im such an active person i cant have long nails, i break them all the time plus they feel dirty to me :P
Pauline Reyes said…
I also want to have those but Laura Mercier is too expensive :(
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