freeway holiday prints : moroccan and macro florals

With the party season in full swing, what to wear?  But no worries! Freeway releases yet another visually arresting collection of Moroccan Patterns and Macro Florals!  If you are up for laid-back catching up with your girlfriends, amp your look with Moroccan patterned pieces! Perfect for the breezy December weather because of its sultry prints intricately put together to highlight feminine silhouettes, this collection comes in pops of fresh colors combined with warm and muted ones creating a balanced modern fun feminine look!  

freeway moroccan prints
freeway moroccan holiday prints
freeway moroccan prints
Macro florals collection boasts solid shades of blue,green, and red flower patterns in crisp, classic, and tailored cuts which show the smart independent woman! The lookbook photos are paired with lovely shoes from So! Fab and Janylin.

freeway macro florals
freeway macro florals
freeway holiday 2013
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Christeen said…
ganda ng dress nila - will surely check on it :)

Happy holiday! cheers to 2014