gift guide: converse bags for men + more

Bags are always the perfect last resort gift for women. I don't think any woman will refuse a bag or feel bad about receiving a bag on Christmas morning so why not give a bag to one of the most difficult people to give gifts to this Christmas....the men.

Oh men, men, huge gifting problem every year and I already feel guilty about always sending over wine or pastries. They're okay but just so impersonal. As if I didn't give their gift much thought. Well truth be told, I did. But I just couldn't come up with anything that I thought they would appreciate.

Until now, Thanks to Converse for opening my eyes and making things easier for me especially with just a few weeks left 'til Christmas.

And yes, Im pretty sure women will appreciate these too (I know I will) but let's focus on the men for now because god knows we all need guidance in this department. ;)

What's great about giving a Converse bag this Christmas is the variety of choices and prices. There's a bag to suit every budget, personality, lifestyle and age. SRP starts at just P599.75 and with the iconic Chuck Taylor logo on display you can never go wrong.

There's backpacks for students, sling bags for commuters and so on. Their bags are made of durable 600D poly synthetic fabric that is created to withstand all sorts of abuse plus they feature numerous dedicated pockets for your laptop, tablet and other little knick-knacks so you're always organized on the go.

Already has a new bag? How about a baseball cap then? You know how men are with their caps, I can never peel one away from Dennis's head! :)

Check out Converse' Holiday offerings at leading department stores, Converse shops and at their flagship store in Glorietta 2.

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