holiday hair trends by toni and guy (hair meet wardrobe)

Trust Toni & Guy to always come up with the coolest looks ahead of everyone else. 

This Holiday 2013, Toni & Guy once again backs up their reputation as the most and hip and fashion forward salon with stunning hair styles for all your shindigs this season.

Hot from London Fashion Week, here's a rundown of the hottest hair trends that are a perfect match for all the latest fashion styles this holiday 2013:

1. Casual or the "After-Party"/"Just got out of bed" Look: Bedhead takes the stage with a lease on the effortless type of sexy. A generous of dose of Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Spray provides the right feathery texture from a romp in the sheets. Paired with a staple leather jacket and a pair of beat-up jeans, this set redefines the after party.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe
2. Glamour - Old Hollywood is making a comeback with voluminous waves and amplified shine. Smooth on some of Toni & Guy’s Volume Plumping Mousse and curl inch-wide sections of hair with some hot rollers. Top it off with a spritz of Toni & Guy’s Moisturizing Shine Spray, a slinky black dress, and a hot red lip.

3. Classic - Glossy waves take the town with lots of polish. A swipe of Toni & Guy’s Shine Gloss Serum soothes flyways and frizz while providing a dose of classic cool. Pull hair into a low ponytail or an up-to-there bun to suit mid-calf skirts and the crisp sweater weather.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe
 4. Creative - Punk goes the distance with highly stylized locks. Toni & Guy’s Texturizing Glue provides the extreme hold needed for gravity-defying looks. Slick a rocking pompadour over clashing prints and skintight jeans to capture that don’t-mess-with-me attitude.  
toni and guy hair meet wardrobe
Don't you just love how the products are aptly labeled so there's no confusion as to which ones you should get to achieve your desired look? Simplicity truly is key.

holiday hair trends 2013
Now that we've established those looks, let me share my experience with you....

Upon arriving at Toni and Guy's salon in SM Aura, we were given a quick brief (just like I did with you earlier) about the different styles. We were then asked which ones we would like to try out for ourselves. I chose the "Casual/Just Got Out Of Bed" look cause that has always been my know how Hollywood celebrities always look like they didn't put much effort into styling their hair but look extremely sexy when caught in a street snap? Hello Alexa Chung, Meg Ryan, etc...I wanted that. :P

So anyway, once I established which trend I wanted to try out, it was off to the shampoo area for me...

holiday hair trends 2013
This was super 10 in the morning. I am so not a morning person and I felt like I was still dreaming the entire time. But let me tell you...this shampoo was THE BEST I have ever had, hands down. First off, the "shampoo chair" isn't an ordinary chair. It's actually a massage chair and my technician took his time massaging my scalp. It was heavenly and I just wanted to go right back to sleep there and then.

holiday hair trends toni and guy
And it was time to fix my hair...tell you the truth, I was expecting an hour's session but was totally surprised at how quickly we were able to accomplish my look. Probably around 15 minutes max?

holiday hair trends 2013
First, they applied some Toni and Guy Heat Protection so my hair wouldn't get damaged when they dry it with a hot blower. Next, they applied some mousse (for volume) and sectioned it off to dry thoroughly which was followed by a blast dry and intervals of Toni and Guy's Sea Salt Spray. Yes, all it took was a blast dry. I can definitely re-create that at home.
holiday hair trends
To finish it off, my stylist rubbed some sculpting powder on the tips of my locks to create some texture and add emphasis to my layers. That's it. Voila, more volume + sexy hair! I love it!!!

(I just look a little creepy in the photo, hello eyebags. hahaha)

toni and guy philippines
Anyway, check out the back, it's gorgeous...

toni and guy philippines
It's a perfect everyday look, don't you think? I'm definitely sticking with this style or no holiday.

If you prefer a more feminine and stylized look, check out Arnie's glam know more about that style, check out her blog.

toni and guy blogger event
And trust Tin to be the most adventurous of us all...she threw care to the wind and asked for a creative look. What her stylist came up with was like an architectural beauty translated into a simple updo. You can check that out in her blog post as well.

toni and guy blogger event
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