holiday rush

I finally have the time to allow the Holiday Fever to set in and everything that comes along with it...vegging out and wanting to live in pajamas and veg out in front of the tv all day...yay! :P

But I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to my Christmas shopping. Only got the chance to start out this week but I have to say, cramming is quite enjoyable. Tiring but fun and feels quite festive when you have a hot chocolate or coffee break in between with friends and family.

Here's a shopping outfit for you...extremely happy that I've been blessed with really comfortable shoes this December. These Jeffrey Campbell Melina's are perfect for a full day.

jeffrey campbell melina
blue sweater street style
And just for the sake of it, I'd like you all to meet an old friend...Duke. 

Duke has been a good friend of mine and my circle of friends for over a decade now. He's been with us to the beach, nights out, etc. We're growing old together but he's still as sweet as a puppy even if at times, he already has a hard time walking...he looks like one of those old, wise dogs in the movies don't you think? :)

sarah tirona
jeffrey campbell melina street style
jeffrey campbell melina fashion blogger
 sm accessories bowler hat | shana sweater | uniqlo corduroy jeggings | jeffrey campbell melina shoes via sm fashion forum | forever21 necklace



Anagon said…
Ang cutie pie ni Duke! :D Love the shoes! May white din dito nyan sa Cotton On (para maiba) parang gusto ko tuloy patusin! :D
georgyaaa said…
thank youuuuuuuuuu
lovely bag, Sarah! so gorgeous! and your shoes too! i drool!
Cathlyn Joy Roman said…
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anna maria calvan said…
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Merry Christmas MIss Sarah! May God bless you and your blog more! :)
sarahtirona said…
super! :) mas feel na feel yung xmas spirit :) bag is hopefully from a new line that me and ana are planning to start early next year, under 1k lang :)
sarahtirona said…
go, parang nice yun. how much? :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks toni! nice seeing you again here :)
Arra Morta said…
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Cristina Popescu said…
Felicitari Georgya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
valerie said…
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Happy holidays! :)
Neri Marin said…
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nishu said…
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Cherry Ann Punzal said…
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Sarah! first dibs on the bag please when its out na! sobrang ganda! oh and Merry Christmas!
MyrtedCaldona said…
wow, sounds interesting!!! i would be one of the first buyer if ever. :) :D
Cat Quiambao said…
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sarahtirona said…
thanks myrted, looking forward to that! :D
sarahtirona said…
yay!!! for sure, thank you and happy holidays! :)
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MyrtedCaldona said…
Nice bag Sarah!!! You haven't mentioned where it's from... I suppose Celine bag? Where do you buy them???

On other note, masarap tlga ang Christmas rush kahit pagoda to the max! Iba ang adrenaline rush kapag konti nlng ang oras to shop for gifts diba? :D Hehe.
Marilyn Gomabo said…
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