#iwearNAVA - ootd + nava at #bu6!

You can't keep a good thing secret for very long....

Even before I started blogging, Nava has been a huge favorite of mine not just because it's so convenient for me to shop there...(I've spent countless afternoons walking to their Greenhills branch just to shop)but because Nava always guarantees cutting edge fashion at super affordable prices.

If you want something unique that'll make you stand out and leave a lasting impression, Nava's the right way to go! It's always worked for me ;)

That being said...I couldn't be happier when I found out that NAVA will officially be joining Bloggers United 6!

Such a match made in heaven, don't you agree?

And to celebrate this union...a Nava ootd of course!

ethnic jacket street style
ethnic weave jacket street style
tribal print jacket street style
rayban erica street style
But wait, there's more! As a special treat for all of you, NAVA will be offering a 10% discount for every P1000 spent at their booth this #BU6!!!

Yup, yup! SO make sure you check them out at Bloggers United! :)

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