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 When you've been blogging for this long, there are days when you just run out of titles...

Anyway, a lot of people think I'm really into the matchy-matchy look because they often see me sporting separates in the same print...I am and I'm not.

I do find it cute but it isn't the only reason why I choose to purchase matching tops and bottoms. I also find it a lot more practical and affordable.

Matching pieces usually cost less than buying a separate skirt and jacket/sweater plus you get way more styling options...just like this Bart Simpson jumper which is actually part of a 2 piece set as seen in this ootd HERE.

I can create so many different looks which just the 2 pieces. So there, that's the reason why I've been into matchy-matchy stuff lately. What about you?  :)

bowler hat street style
bart simpson jumper street style
jeffrey campbell melina
jeffrey campbell melina fashion blogger
jeffrey campbell melina sm fashion forum
jeffrey campbell melina ootd
bart simpson sweater street style
jeffrey campbell melina street style
sm accessories bowler hat | rayban erica sunglasses | mart of china bart simpson sweater (see here) | uniqlo corduroy jeggings | jeffrey campbell melina via sm fashion forum | sm parisian bag | romwe white button down shirt (see here)

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The latest bag here
Purple Ivy said…
Loving that crop jumper. Adds a fun and playful vibe to the look.

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Joanna Ladesma

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