lifeproof warning: read before buying

For the sake of transparency, I believe I have to share this.

Contrary to what some may think, everything I write down in this blog is written with the intention of being honest and sincere...not all is PR driven.

Having said that, I need to share an incident concerning a good friend of mine and her Lifeproof  iPhone5 case especially because I blogged about Lifeproof before.

To be fair to Lifeproof, I would also like to reiterate that this is an isolated case. However, for the premium price they charge for their cases and the equally expensive gadgets they protect, I don't think such incidents like these are allowed to be forgiven.


A few weeks ago my friend was on vacation at a resort. Each time she travels to destinations that involve swimming, she always makes it a point to keep her iPhone5 in a Lifeproof case to protect it from getting wet. This time around though, due to an unfortunate incident concerning a dog, her phone accidentally fell into the pool.

Unfazed, she asked another friend to retrieve it for her confident that her phone was protected. It wasn't. Water seeped into the case despite being properly shut and her phone lost power.

Thankfully, a similar incident happened to somebody else which made her recall to store her damaged iPhone with some uncooked rice to help rid the moisture inside her mobile.

It worked but she lost 2 days of phone service which could be crucial especially when you're out of town.

 Lifeproof agreed to replace the faulty case with a new one provided she returns it with its original box and receipt...a box and receipt that the maid already threw away a few days after purchase.

My only sentiment is that Lifeproof should have better quality control especially since they are quite pricey for a gadget case.

Next time, you decide to purchase a Lifeproof case, make sure to ask their attendants to "water test" it first using their in-house gadget before parting with your money.