native union monocle: review, demo, unboxing

What's wrong with most portable speakers today?

They're not with you when you need them most...sure you will probably remember to pack them for an out of town trip but we don't normally include them in our daily bag essentials and what happens when you have an impromptu sesh with friends or want to let somebody listen to a new song? You rely on your phone's crappy built-in speakers or you share an earphone. But why do all that when you have perfectly fine working portable speakers at home?...because they're not with you.

Okay...try this exercise, make a mental note to pack those speakers with you in your bag, it's not happening...

But what if your speakers came with a dedicated sling that is meant to be used as a bag connector? Yup, it helps you create that bag-speaker association thing...and it looks totally cool and hipster as well ;)

native union monocle review
Introducing Native Union's Monocle.

It's more than a speaker. It's more than a headset. It's more than a speakerphone.

It allows you to have the best of both worlds with one single device!

Perplexed? As I was when I first received it in the mail...I didn't know what to do with it at first...couldn't figure out if it was a headphone or a speaker or an old-fashion style telephone receiver...but once I discovered how to work it (it's quite simple), I was hooked. Read on to find out how this baby functions...

native union monocle review
But first, as is unboxing...

native union monocle
native union monocle review
native union monocle philippines
So once you slide out the cardboard thing and lift the acetate cover, this is what you see...

your Monocle and a box containing all of its accessories and manuals...

native union monocle
Each Monocle comes with its own usb cord for charging and a loopy cord thing that you use to hang your speakers to your bag strap...there's also a lookbook, discount cards, warranty card and manual.

native union monocle philippines
The device.

It has a headphone and usb port as well as a button that you can use to answer calls (when connected to phone) or to toggle pause/play on your device.

monocle review
How it works:

Plug and play to use as a headphone. Looks really awesome when you spin...most of my Dj friends always just use one side of their headphone during their set...the monocle would look really cool and different in that situation.

To use as a speaker, simply turn dial clockwise (this is also how you control volume). An indicator light will go and you'll hear a click and obviously sound :P when it's functioning as a speaker. Now you can share not just music but conversations as well with your friends and family!

native union monocle demo
What I love most? For super awesome sound and a fun experience, have your friends buy Monocles too because...YOU CAN DAISY-CHAIN up to 10 of these together for an unbeatable speaker system created by teamwork!!! (:P) Simply plug them into each other's headphone ports to enjoy (surround sound?!) haha. Seriously, they're pretty cool...

For your listening and viewing pleasure, a quick demo to show you how it works and sounds...

Native Union is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading.

The Monocle retails for P2250 and is available at Beyond The Box, Astrovision, and Digital Walker.

for more info, visit: 

and LIKE Digits Trading on Facebook or follow Beyond The Box on Instagram (@beyondtheboxph)



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