nude audio s wired demo + unboxing

Must read for everyone who likes their music! (who doesn't, right?! :))

So anyway, I got these speakers from Nude Audio via Digits Trading several days ago. It's a portable and rechargeable wired speaker that works with any audio device that has a headphone jack - mobile phones, laptops, ipods/mp3 players, etc. (basically everything) which is why I still prefer my portable speakers wired even if Bluetooth speakers are neater and the way to go (technology-wise) these days, but of course both have their own advantages and disadvantages. I primarily like them wired for travelling because most of my music is still in my standard iPod.


The Nude Audio S wired speaker is their "S"mallest variant, it comes in three other sizes M (medium) and L (large) and two types: Wired and Bluetooth. It has an 8 hour battery life that stay true to its word even at high volumes all throughout.

Functions are pretty much standard plug and play just like all the others in the market but what I love most about Nude Audio is its design, sound quality and very attractive retail price.

The slightly rounded, rubberized shape fits nicely in the palm of your hand and makes it look very modern and stylish as well. The cord attached to it fits nicely around the wrist and makes it easier to carry around when your hands are full. I also like the VERY visible power button that pops in and out with a nice click so you're never guessing wether your device is turned on and off especially under harsh sunlight when indicator lights turn invisible.

And best of all, you get all this awesome technology for just P1290!

So without further adieu, here's my unboxing and a video demo:

nude audio s wired
nude audio philippines
nude audio s wired unboxing
Nude Audio S Wired speakers come with a usb cord for charging, some stickers and a quick start-up guide:

nude audio s wired review
nude audio s wired review
nude audio philippines
nude audio philippines
nude audio review
Now that you've seen how pretty they are, it's time to experience for yourself how awesome these little speaker boxes are. For your viewing pleasure, I recorded a short video demo using my iPhone 5 to demonstrate it's different features and of course, most important of all, its sound quality...

I brought my Nude Audio speakers with me during my birthday weekend beach trip, by the end of our vacay, all my friends were in love with it and have added it at the top of their shopping definitely makes a great Christmas gift for anyone and I'm sure you'll totally agree with us once you try them out yourself. :)

Check out Nude Audio speakers at Beyond The Box, Astrovision and Digital Walker branches.



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