SF Bistro, McKinley Hill (Taguig) Review

Look no further than San Francisco for a great casual date place or a gathering of friends.

I'm talking about SF Bistro, short for San Francisco Bistro located at the Tuscany in McKinley Hill.

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san francisco bistro manila
SF Bistro is a great casual dining place that serves affordable comfort food and a wide assortment of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

What probably made my visit more pleasant was its element of surprise which I would also like you to experience in this review. For that reason, let's try a sort of game wherein I talk about the dishes and you guess how much they cost.

Will disclose menu at the end of the post. Ready?

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Let us begin with their wide assortment of international beers..there's the usual suspects like Beck's, Corona, Heineken, Paulaner, Hoegarden and my fave, Stella Artois, but they also carry boutique beers and a few (exotics? I've never seen some of these) such as Blue Moon, Leffe and Kwak. It is my mission by the way to try all of these before the year ends...:P

sf bistro philippines
sf bistro mckinley hill
Moving on to the non-alcoholic beverages...

The sweet ones...part of SF Bistro's Smoothie line-up...L: Nutella Funtella, R: Yema Mama.

Both are a bit too sweet for my liking but I was never really fan of Fraps and such but according to my friends, they're a must try for the sweet-toothed set.

sf bistro mckinley hill
Here's something a little more akin to my taste...

SFB Refreshers in Cucumber Detox and Ginger Detox.

Refreshers being the operative word because nothing can quite be as refreshing as these. The Ginger Detox is also a really good hangover cure.

sf bistro review
Starters...Buffalo Chicken Fingers...generous servings of tender wings in a hot and sweet sauce. 

sf bistro review
sf bistro menu
Mushroom Truffle Pasta - truffle and reasonably priced don't normally mix well but here, they do. The flavor of truffle in this pasta dish is distinct yet not too overpowering just like the consistency of its sauce. It's neither thick nor runny. Just right and perfect with the al dente linguine that accompanies it.

sf bistro mckinley hill menu
sf bistro mckinley menu
Greek Salad - big enough to share with hefty servings of olives, walnuts and feta cheese in a balsamic dressing. Yum.

sf bistro mckinley hill review
sf bistro menu
Baby Back Ribs - one of the favorites of the day and something I'm pretty sure you'll be coming back for often. Marinade is a perfectly seasoned barbecue sauce and meat just falls off the bone. No need for knives here but maybe an extra side order of rice should be in order.

sf bistro menu
Baked Crusted Salmon - I don't normally order Salmon unless it's raw. I find its meat a little too rich but the crust/breading on this one takes the umay factor away and turns every bite into a fishy delight! (rhyming! :P) The cream jus that accompanies it is also superb. Make sure to ask for more.

sf bistro menu
3 Cheese Lasagna - must order for all the cheese lovers and vegetarians out there (who are not lacto-ovo...Ana this is calling out your name).

This 3 cheese lasagna is oozing with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. 'Nuff said.

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And now, the element of surprise...

Our level of dedication as demonstrated by Tracy and the menu!

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San Francisco Bistro is brought to you by the same people behind Rue Bourbon. For more yummy food, LIKE SF Bistro on Facebook and Instagram (@sfbistro)