travel ootd + azta chromabond update

Hi All! Been awhile since my last outfit post, got pretty busy with my birthday, the flu, bloggers united, and finally topped it off with a domain problem that lasted for 3 long agonizing days. I couldn't renew my blogsite  because I couldn't access my dashboard and none of the people I asked could figure it out. Plus my email accounts stopped working as well. It was so stressful but I'm glad Google called and we were finally able to resolve the issue. If some of you are experiencing the same problems, let me know maybe I can do a walkthrough and help you out. my Chromabond update...

I've had it for about a week or so now and I love it even more. First few days afterwards, I found it a little too flat for my liking but now I can't imagine myself without it. It's the best salon treatment/service I have ever tried in my entire life and the compliments just keep on coming. It makes life soooo much easier, I don't even have to blast dry my hair before leaving the house.  I can just let it air dry and it comes out like the pictures below. Perfect and neat every single time. Better yet, it's not too flat anymore. I highly, highly recommend it. To see my original post on my Chromabond experience, click HERE.

And lastly, my outfit...

Considering the holidays are fast approaching, I decided to do a sort of travel inspired post. Something that will keep you warm and comfortable at the same time...

Jeggings from Uniqlo are my new favorite thing to wear that I've started to slowly shun conventional denim. They are just so comfortable and easy to pull up and down, plus the fabric is just the right thickness that you don't get a camel toe or panty lines. :P

For footwear, I chose these quilted platform boots from Topshop. I'm petite so I kinda need the extra height but in these I feel like I'm just in sneakers. They're so padded and comfy even after a full day of walking around in.

And lastly, a cozy sweater and coat that you can easily snuggle in during long haul flights or commutes. This black and white one from Persunmall is perfect for travels since it goes with almost anything for endless mix and match possibilities.

topshop philippines quilted boots
topshop philippines
white sole boots street style
persunmall black white sweater
white sole boots street style
fleece coat street style
stylish plus fashion blogger
persunmall black white sweater street style
fall winter street style
hooded fleece coat by stylish plus (see here) | persunmall black and white sweater (see here) | uniqlo corduroy jeggins | topshop boots | rayban erica sunglasses

photos by Ana


Alyssa Martinez said…
This is amazing! I love Max Factor. Beauty subscriptions are really exciting :)
Juvy Ann Lazo said…
I thought there were more full-sized ones inside though the contents are still more than what we paid for. :)
sarahtirona said…
yup, its like getting a surprise every month :)
sarahtirona said…
same sentiments...:)
Hazel said…
is the creme puff okay?
sarahtirona said…
hi hazel! havent had the chance to try it yet, will let you know when i do :)