1 memorata shoe, 7 looks

What do you look for in a good friend?

  • someone who will stand by you through all your experimental phases and whims
  • gives you a sense of comfort and makes you feel or warm and fuzzy inside the moment you see them
  • isn't difficult to drag along on various trips and errands...doesn't matter where, be it the grocery, a party, the museum, or work.
  • most importantly, makes you feel good about yourself
  • has a unique personality and is never boring but not too over the top

The same is true when it comes to shoes.

A good shoe will get you through all your different moods and facets of your personality. It is also versatile enough to wear for most occasions (hiking and trips to the gym, not included :P) and it won't give you a hard time deciding wether or not it goes perfectly with your outfit .

Here is an example of a good shoe...

The Mandisa Sandal of Memorata by CLN:

mandisa sandal memorata by cln
My Mandisa's take me everywhere I wanna go...

They also compliment all my diverse and peculiar fashion whims.

memorata by cln
Here I am wearing them with a typical everyday work/meeting outfit - its unique design definitely adds serious style to an otherwise very plain ensemble.

memorata by cln leading lady
Off to an event and feeling quite quirky...they make me get away with a young-ish looking outfit by toning it down and adding a sophisticated feel.

memorata by cln
On an afternoon coffee date with the hubby - although we're like best friends, I still need to remind him subtly that were equals and there's nothing like eye to eye contact that only high heels can deliver. Makes me feel sexy and more powerful. Plus they also add an effortless cool vibe to my t-shirt and distressed jeans combo!

memorata by cln leading lady
Feeling mod on a night out for cocktails with friends - instead of pairing traditional white shoes, the gold accent of my strappy Mandisa's make my outfit look more modern and updated instead of costume-y.

memorata by cln leading ladies
Grocery Shopping...like a Hollywood celebrity! :P Celebrities are often seen shopping in high heels not just to look good but to kill two birds with one stone which is a must for people with hectic schedules. Walking around in high heels tone your muscles and correct your posture. (more info here)

memorata leading ladies
Watching some live bands play - wearing my Mandisa's instead of boots for a more glamorous take on grunge.

memorata by cln leading lady
Malling! - easy to slip on and off for numerous trips to the fitting rooms. They also look great with almost any outfit so it's a great shoe to test drive new possible purchases and visualize how they'll look in the real world.

There you have it, 7 days in one shoe. Always remember, when shopping for shoes, make sure it has the traits of your favorite BFF so you get the most out of your moolah! :)

Memorata by CLN has a lot of versatile shoes than can be your next "BFF", check out what they've got in store HERE or you can also visit:  http://memorata.com.ph/.

Make sure to also connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@memoratabyCLN). They have lots of weekly promo announcements and giveaways. :)


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thank you juvy! :)
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different looks injust oen shoes? great!
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I'm at awe with all your styles!
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thank you, appreciate it! :)
sarahtirona said…
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