2 cents on cdr-king

I started going to CDR-King when I was in high school/college to buy recordable cd's. They were super cheap as compared to branded blank discs from other stores.

Through the years, they slowly expanded into other merchandise and it became a habit of mine to pick up whatever techy needs I might have while stocking up on my usual supply of cd's.

Although burning music cd's are already somewhat passe, heading first to CDR-King when looking for a cheap gadget has already become a habit.

But it's a habit that's going to change starting today.

These are things I've noticed for quite sometime but it's only today that it's been finally etched into my conscious mind.

Here's why.

I headed to V-Mall earlier today to purchase a new toy...a remote for my DSLR. First stop was CDR-King.

Okay, what I hate most about that store is that they make you pick a number even if there's no one else around. They strictly won't entertain you until your number is called. In the meantime, you stand around the store dumbly, pretending to look around for other disposable technology from China. When they finally call your number, you're met, most often times, by some of the most arrogant sales people in the country.

But you know, we take it because we think we're getting a great deal...way cheaper than what we would be paying  in other stores.

Not anymore. Not only are they not as complete as we'd like to think, they're also sometimes more expensive.

I paid 3x more for a stylus before. 

Anyway, back to the remote. I was looking for a standard generic remote like this one:

All they had was a wired remote with an extremely short cable that they were selling to me for around P280 (if I remember right), and a huge one for P680 (which I believe has its own IR receiver?). About wired remotes, they shouldn't even sell those. Why would you want a visible dangling wire in your photo? And it's so short, what can you shoot with it? Selfies?

Bottomline, CDR-King just isn't what it used to be anymore. I'd rather give profit to small shop owners. 

ps. They should seriously train their staff to be a lot more courteous and accommodating.


heartofatigress said…
Aww.. This is just bad. Perhaps it's only the CD-R King in V-mall? I do not agree with the way they accommodated you. Customer Service rule should have been met: Give service to the customers in the fastest and nicest way. About your DSLR remote, better look for one in Hidalgo, Quiapo. Best recommended place for camera items and such. :)
sarahtirona said…
yea, hope its an isolated case but my friends have similar stories from other branches. thanks for the heads up but quiapo is so far :P i was able to get my remote in pixel pro, also in vmall, their prices seem ok :)
Juvy Coros said…
CD-R King in Robinsons Ortigas Extension has the same kind of staffs! I bought an A4 photo paper, 230 GSM which costs like P85 or P80. I came back after an hour and asked nicely if I could still replace it with a 180GSM because it's too thick, because I'm to them giving me a 180GSM. The lady didn't asnwer me, with a frowning face, she pulled another photo paper instead, checked my receipt and replace the photo paper and said, "Okay na Miss" I said "Thank you ha?" But what really irritates me was when I got home and saw the tag of the photo paper. It's only P75 and the lady didn't gave me my change!!!! So ano yon? Dahil exchange wala ng balikan ng sukli???
Issachavez said…
nice speaker and very handy! I'm thinking of getting one. Btw, Happy New Year Miss Sarah! :)
sarahtirona said…
Happy new year Issa! :) It's the best speaker I've tried in its price range, no regrets talaga :)
sarahtirona said…
hay naku, parang known trait na nila yan. sometimes i feel as if its included in the training. :P pero that's really really unfair kahit na P10 lang change.
rhania escueta said…
they're the worst ms sara.. i remember my father saying this at ang dami kong tawa..

me: papa ang haba ng pila sa cd-r king maya na lang tayo bumalik
papa: pambihirang cdr king yan.. nagbebenta ng technology low-tech

me: (una, di nagets..)

panu nasabi ni papa yun.. kasi naman mano-mano sila wala akong nakikitang computer or even cash register, as in mano mano pagreresibo at habang nagsusulat sa resibo magchichika at magtatawanan pa sila ng mga kasamahan nila.. which is bit annoying para sa kin hehe..

tama kayo ms sara there are other stalls na nagbebenta ng gadgets pero mas accomodating yung staff =) inisip ko siguro napakababa magpasahod ng management nila kaya ganun.. or di tinuturuan ng right manners lahat ng employee nila

tungkol dun sa pagkuha ng number ms sara, pano kaya kung magtatanong ka lang kung merong ganung item tapos sa haba ng pila pagdating sayo wala palang stock! oh my gulay...
sarahtirona said…
hahahaha, pero annoying talaga, that happened to me na before. pinakuha ako number, waited for a very long time tapos out of stock. kainis grabe. ang OA ng number!
rhania escueta said…
uu nga po ms sara ginagaya lang ata nila yung globe/smart/sun pati mga bangko hee hee hee
sarahtirona said…
hahahahaha, true! :P