absynthe emu oil review

Throw out the Betadine and grab a bottle of Absynthe Bath and Beauty's Emu Oil.

It's one thing every parent/clumsy person should have handy at all times.

Emu Oil was traditionally derived from Australia and has been widely used as medicine for fevers, coughs, minor pain, arthritic joints, bruises, cuts and sores.

I wouldn't suggest drinking this but it works amazingly when applied topically.

absynthe emu oil
I get paper cuts all the time. A few weeks ago, papers from a glossy press kit sliced the palm of my hand viciously (glossy papers are the worst!) and created a nasty 2 inch cut. I applied some of Absynthe's Emu Oil on it and was super surprised when my wound was halfway healed after just 4 hours. No Kidding.

On a separate occasion, Nikola burned a portion of her arm when it hit the pan while she was cooking up some pancakes. After rinsing her burn with cold water, I applied some of Absynthe's emu oil on it. Her burn was completely healed the following day with no scarring whatsoever.

absynthe emu oil
It really works and what's best about it is that it doesn't sting at all when applied on wounds. I'm sure it will also work extremely well on eczema, stretchmarks, psoriasis and other skin problems. Try it, I personally guarantee it. :)

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