anma lifestyle grab clutch/ipad/tablet case giveaway

I am sorry for the lack of ootd's lately. It's been impossible to shoot with visiting relatives from abroad and Dennis away most of the day and busy with a new project.

I bought me a remote for my DSLR a couple of days ago but I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of it so it's gonna be a few days (if I'm lucky) before I get that down to pat. It's also extremely hard to leave the couch with this cold spell were having lately especially for people like me who are natural born couch potatoes.

To make up for it and (hopefully) keep you guys entertained while I figure these techy things out, here's another giveaway that I hope you'll all like.

This new giveaway is sponsored by ANMA Lifestyle.

ANMA Lifestyle is a local brand that specializes in travel accessories. They design stylish and functional pieces that help us explore the world with less worry and more grace.

So anyway...

Up for grabs is this gorgeous grab clutch which doubles as an ipad case:

anma lifestyle
It's sleek yet it can carry a whole bunch of stuff. It fits all iPad sizes, fully-padded and is great for traveling since you can store your tablet while en route and also use it as an evening or day clutch. The arm handle also makes it a lot more convenient to carry around and allows for hands-free handling.

anma lifestyle
anma lifestyle
anma lifestyle
To join this giveaway, simply fill up the rafflecopter form below:

Good Luck! :)


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yup, very. can wear them out the whole day, just a bit of apin to take off dont you think? :P other than that, love them :)
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got them in white, are they light? :p a great subtitute!