behind nivea's new packaging

The farthest memory I have of this blue tin can goes back to the 1980's. My aunts would always have it handy (the bigger version) and during that time, it felt like it was the answer to every problem. They used it on everything (even on me) that to this day, I am still not quite sure what it is specifically made for.

My aunts are all pretty, towering (yes, I am the only unfortunate one :P) beauties so I guess it does work on everything and more since they still swear by it to this day. 

Long story short, this blue tin can is an iconic part of my young life and no throwback will be complete without it...

And I'm not the only one, contrary to my earlier belief, it was not released in the 80s but rather way, way back....1925 to be exact...which explains a lot. Maybe my grandma passed the legacy down to them...hmmm.

But actually, here's something pretty interesting: Nivea Creme was actually first developed in Germany sometime in 1911 and was the world's first stable water-in-oil emulsion. A perfect cosmetic skin cream for all skin types (see? for everything...)

nivea new packaging
Why the sudden interest in a navy blue tin can? Check out the picture below...does it ring a bell?

To keep up with their consumers ever evolving lifestyle, Nivea has teamed up with celebrated industrial designer, Yves Behar to create a new bottle design:

nivea philippines
(sorry kung medyo mababaw...)But I was really amused and impressed when I first learned of this...that is genius don't you think...marrying the old with the new to guarantee the same level of quality?

The new Nivea bottles are also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly for a guiltless pampering experience.

nivea philippines
And lastly, they remind me of iOs7 ;)

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i love nivea! my dad who's an OFW bring tons of this stuff for mom when i was little.

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